How to Fix Common Beauty Blunders

Makeup is meant to enhance our natural beauty and make us look prettier so it’s horrifying when it starts to do the exact opposite of what it’s meant to do. Whether you’re a beginner in the makeup world or a pro, beauty blunders are bound to happen. They aren’t totally inevitable but they are bound to happen – when you’re in a hurry, when your makeup skill just isn’t on point, when you use the wrong tools along with the same product, just anywhere, somewhere, along those scenarios. Now, on a regular day, you could just re-do your makeup or at least the part that got messed up, right? But it isn’t everyday that you have spare time to spend on redoing your makeup so what do you do then? Check out these tips on how to fix common beauty blunders.

  • Lipstick on teeth – lipstick on teeth often happens when you apply too much product on your lips that the excess sticks to your teeth. There’s really no need to look for a remedy for this one since the most obvious way to fix it is to simply wipe it up but there is something you can do to prevent it from happening instead and that is to blot your lipstick every time before you head out the door. There are lots of different tricks to blotting your lipstick, you just have to find the one that you’re most comfortable in.

perfect plum lips

magenta lips

  • Eye makeup mistake – put on too much shadow?  Got a little too heavy handed with your liner on one side? Or perhaps one eyeliner wing went farther up than the other? Uneven makeup is never pretty, especially on the eyes. If you make a mistake in your eye makeup, simply take a pointed cotton swab and put some moisturizer on it then start erasing that errant eye makeup away. It’s added moisturization for your eye area, too, so double score!

winged liner perfection flawless eye makeup

  • Heavy blush – whether it’s because you got a little too heavy handed on the blush or you just picked up a really highly pigmented one, heavy blush is never a pretty sight. With heavy blush, you end up either looking like a clown or like you’ve just been slapped on the cheek. When washing off and redoing your full makeup is not an option, simply use translucent powder or extra foundation to diffuse the color on your cheeks and get lighter blush.

deep coral blush dewy pink blush

  • Streaky tan – self tanning is so much cheaper compared to having your tan done by a pro but you have to be really good at it because otherwise you’ll just end up with uneven and streaky tan which is a dead giveaway that your tan is fake. If you’re in a hurry and you’ve just discovered a spot where your tan looks streaky, slather some liquid bronzer on and even out the color. You can also use powder bronzer or tanning lotion on this area.

white dress and medium tan leighton meester tan

  • Yellowish nails – your nails may look gorgeous now that you have that dark and vampy nail polish on but once you get it off, chances are that your nails are left with an icky yellowish tint. This happens when you use too much nail polish and not enough base coat on them. To get rid of yellowish nails in a jiffy, mix lemon juice with hydrogen peroxide and rub the solution on your nails until they yellow tint is gone.

essie cabana blue bare nails no polish

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