How to Find the Perfect Pink Lip Color for You

Say goodbye to dark and vampy lipsticks for a while and hello to lighter and more vibrant hues for the season. While there are tons of different lip colors to play with out there, I’d take a pink lipstick over anything any day because I think nothing beats a good pink lip. It’s just perfect for getting that fresh and pretty look and feel that’s perfect for spring and summer. If you have yet to find your favorite tube, check out these tips on how to find the perfect pink lip color for you.

  1. Know your skin tone – the first thing you need to do before you can go on that lipstick hunt is to know your skin tone. If you’re fair, you’ll want something that’s on the peachy pink side since these are the colors that will bring out the best of your complexion. Medium skin tones are lucky because they can get away with almost anything while dark skin tones look best with bold pinks.bright pink coral lipstick
    pink lip for fair skin
  2. Try a universally flattering shade – yes, there is such a thing as a pink lipstick that looks good on every skin tone and that is a light berry-ish pink color. If you’re a bit intimidated by all the choices available and you just want one that’s foolproof, this is the shade to go for.bright pink lip color pink lips for summer
  3. Consider your everyday makeup look – the rest of your makeup matters when wearing you’re wearing a pink lip. You’ll want to make sure that your overall look isn’t something that’s too over the top or something that screams drag. If you’re wearing a pink lipstick, try not to go too heavy on the eyes and keep everything else as light and natural as possible.fucshia berry lip pinky red lip color
  4. Check your lips – another thing you’ll want to consider before you buy that tube of pink lipstick are your lips. Do you want them to look thinner or would you like to plum them up? Are they dry with lines where lipstick might set into or are they perfectly plump? These things will help you decide on which color, formulation and finish to go for.kendall jenner nude pink lips sexy nude pink lip
  5. Decide on the finish – are you a matte kind of gal or do you enjoy your gloss and high shine on your lips? Do you like your lips with a sheer, satin color or with a more pigmented but still natural looking tint? Deciding on the finish of your pink lip depends on the kind of look you want to achieve.nude pink lip and brown smoky eye bold pink bridal lip look


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