How to Find the Perfect Pair of Shorts

Finding the perfect pair of shorts can be a real task and just because summer has ended doesn’t mean you have to end your search as well. You can wear shorts well into fall and winter if you know how but before you even do that, you have to make sure that the pair you’re sporting is the right one for your figure and your personal style. Once you find the perfect pair / kind of shorts for you, stock up! In case you haven’t found yours yet, check out these tips on how to find the perfect pair of shorts.

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  • CHOOSE THE RIGHT SHAPE – choosing the right shape of shorts is important if you want them to flatter your legs and make them look drool-worthy. This will depend, of course, on your legs – whether they’re long and slender or stubby and short, whether they’re stick straight or shapely and whether they have that sexy feminine look or more of that boyish / athletic structure. Women with long legs are usually the ones who can afford a little bit of extra fabric around the legs while those with shorter legs are usually better off with.

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  • PRINT AND PATTERN PLAY – while everyone is entitled to wear any kind of print and pattern they want on their shorts, you should never forget to consider whether or not the kind of print / patter you have on yours is flattering. Remember that, in general, big and bold patterns will draw attention on the areas they are place on so if you’re not sure, stick to smaller scale prints and patterns instead.

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  • FABRIC CHOICE – another important thing to consider when searching for the perfect pair of shorts is the fabric. Your choice of fabric will depend on lots of things but mainly on the look that you’re going for and the weather outside. Cotton, denim, satin and lace are perfect for casual summer days while leather, tweed and the like are better for when you want something dressier on colder days.

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  • THE PROPER LENGTH – there’s really no rule on who can only wear short shorts and who can only wear long shorts because it all depends on you. Choose a length that makes your legs look long and slender. This means showing just the right amount of skin to get that decent leg exposure. Of course, the shoes you wear your shorts with will affect the way your legs look, too, but it all mainly depends on the length of your shorts.

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