How to Find the Best Tailor For You

No body types have the same sizes and shape that makes finding the perfect fit a bit more challenging. However, if you find high street and fast-fashion stores unreliable for you, a tailor can be your best fix to make your clothes fit like a dream. If you’re looking for a dependable tailor that knows your style and needs, keep on reading for our guidelines.

Do your research.

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Start by asking stylish friends or local menswear stores as they usually have better insight than online reviewers. If you have a friend that dresses elegantly and sophisticatedly, she might know a good tailor that alters her clothes to flatter her. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, you can certainly look great with a tunic top teamed with dress pants if it hugs your feminine curves perfectly without being too tight or too loose.

Visit the store.

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When looking for a great tailor, take note of his space and working habits that might give you a clue. If the space is clean, go in and ask to see something they just altered. Would you be grossed out if someone dropped your garment on the floor? Remember, the best tailors have the cleanest store as it’s a sign they care about presentation. Also, you may ask them if they can shorten a jacket sleeve from the shoulder as it’s one of the more difficult alterations and it’s a true distinction between a seamster and a tailor. You might also want to see if his work has loose threads or if the finished product is tidy.

Give them a test run and check their work.

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Instead of learning it the hard way, give them a garment you don’t mind them ruining. If they’re worth their stitches, they’ll notice how everything else fits. However, the impressive tailors are ones that recommend more alterations as they should take in the rise, adjust the shoulders on your shirts where the seam is on your shoulder bone, and move your cuff buttons to make your shirt cuffs more comfortable. Remember, the best tailors will notice wrinkles in the back of your jacket and know how to alter the fabric so it drapes properly on your body. Before agreeing to the suggested changes, think first if you do you feel like you’re being swindled. You should be able to tell if a tailor actually wants your clothes to fit or if they’re just trying to hustle you.

Build a relationship.

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If they pass all these tests, then feel free to come back with more difficult alterations. However, pay attention to how your relationship develops. Notice if they remember your name, your style preferences, or they just push what they think looks proper. Once you find a great tailor that understands you, you’ll look much better on your everyday looks regardless how inexpensive your clothes are.

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