How To Escape a Makeup Rut

How To: Escape a Makeup Rut

Today was one of the first days in awhile that I spent literally every second (except when I was working for two hours) outside. It was over 70 degrees here, and it was absolutely beautiful. I managed to get every single errand done and even was able to do all my workouts outside.
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Onto more pressing matters.
Ever find yourself in a makeup rut?
We most often find ourselves in a rut with makeup when we:
Lose interest in our products
Have a bad experience with makeup (it doesn’t come out the way we want it)
Have the feeling that spending the time on makeup isn’t worth it for what we do on a day to day basis (this can mean you are a home-body, for example)
I’m going to tell you several ways to escape your makeup rut and get back into the swing of things.
 how to Escape-a-Makeup-Rutine
Now it definitely doesn’t have to be at Sephora, you could venture out to your favorite drug store or makeup counter, or even the CCO. A great way to escape the rut is to go into beauty stores, see new trends and new products, and maybe pick up a couple of new things that entice you and make you want to experiment with. Opening a new product is always exciting, and trying something new is just as pleasing.
*My little trick* – When it comes to shopping, I keep everything in the package until I use it. If I buy two mascaras, or if I buy a bunch of different products that I’m not going to use all at once, I keep them in the packaging, that way I sort of trick myself that I’m getting something new.
 escape from makeup rutine
Going shopping isn’t always feasible for everyone. You may be in a rut because you are unable to go out and purchase the new products on your wishlist. I know that when I am trying to save money there is nothing more annoying when I see something that I would love but just don’t want to spend the money on. My advice for this is to SHOP YOUR STASH.
What “Shop Your Stash” means is to go through your entire collection and sift through your layers of eye shadow palettes and blushes and try something you haven’t tried in awhile. This is the best way to discover products that you once loved but forgot about, and it’s almost like you’re getting something new. You’ll revamp your look and utilize what you already have.making makeup rutine videos
 YOUR THIRD OPTION… To Escape a Makeup Rut
When we are frustrated with makeup application techniques, or perhaps we are trying to achieve a look that isn’t working out, or even when we just want to try something new and on trend, tutorials are an excellent resource. There are many amazing beauty lovers on YouTube who are uploading gorgeous looks onto their channels every day and with every new season comes looks that you will be able to spice up your look with.
Don’t worry if you are subscribed to someone with 5,000 dollars in high end makeup, or someone with all drug store, they will always give you alternative ways to achieve your look and make it easier on you.
I hope that this helps you if you are stuck in a rut with your makeup
I know that since graduating college, my schedule is a lot more open and I don’t really find a need to get ready most days, but getting up and doing your routine will really improve your mood and self esteem.

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