How to Embrace a Messy-Chic Look with Christina Caradona

Effortlessly cool and carefree, a messy look is one of the trickiest styles to pull off as there’s a fine line between looking chic and shabby. An epitome of messy-chic look, Christina Caradona is a style blogger known for her tangle of curls and tomboy style that can be seem on her blog, Trop Rogue. Looking for inspiration on how to embrace a messy look? Keep on reading to scoop some tricks from Christina.

  1. Add a hint of gold on your accessories.

chic gold sandals with tank top annd denim shorts

gold choker with denim jacker and skirt gold cuff with chic outfit gold watch with crop top and skirt white coat with printed outfit

Wearing a cotton tank top with a distressed pair of denim shorts, or a casual skirt with a frayed jacket can easily look sloppy and unsightly. So, like Christina, you may add a hint of gold on your accessories to bring back the touch of glamour into your messy look. Wearing a pair of gold sandals, a gold watch, gold jewelry, or even a pair of gold pumps can be enough to make your outfit chic without losing the effortless look on your street style.

  1. Show off your socks stylishly.

2. borrowed from boys outfit with hat burgundy coat with gray dress slides with socks and chic outfit socks and sandals with casual outfit

Wearing socks with sandals had been one of the fashion faux pas but now an accepted trend to make your style look fashion-forward and editorial-worthy. Like her, you may opt for a black pair of socks with a pair of red sandals to create a high contrast on your footwear making it look intentional. If you feel wearing socks with sandals too much feminine for you, then opt for masculine shoes, ankle boots, and even oxfords to add some edgy borrowed-from-boys look to your style.

  1. Stick to boxy and structured silhouettes to give some polish to your messy look.

boxy dress with fedora hat and boots cropped jacket with floral skirt gray and black dress with wool coat and boots layered outfit with oxfords

Boxy jackets, structural dresses, and architectural skirts look more polished and sleek compared to knitted cardigans and cotton tops that easily lose their shapes and structure. Wool coats, leather jackets, sailor blazers, band jackets, or even neoprene skirts can be great to add some structure to your messy look. This is particularly true when it comes to wearing multiple layers for where the top layer like a wool coat will tie your overall outfit together.

  1. Wear sleek, crisp, and tailored pieces on your layers.

button down shirt with lace shorts gold and black dress with coat and boots layered outfit with socks and sandals tribal print cardigan with maxi skirt white coat with plaid pants

Relaxed, draped, and slouchy pieces are a must-have in creating a messy look. However, to keep your outfit chic, always opt for sleek and tailored pieces so you’ll layer your outfit beautifully and sleek. Button-down shirt, cardigan, knitted sweater, cashmere top, brocade dress, embellished skirts, lace shorts and such can be a great selection for a messy-chic look. Like Christina, just polish your outfit with a fedora hat or a pair of sunglasses to keep the effortless look going.

  1. Always wear your denim items with chic ensembles.

distressed jeans with band jacket colored jeans with graphic top and jacket denim jacket with floral dress denim jacket with straight leg pants

Wearing denim-on-denim can easily look sloppy, especially those items with distressed features, rips, tears, and acid-washed, so better wear your denim pieces with chic ensembles. Wearing a denim jacket with a feminine floral print dress or a pair of distressed jeans with a button-down shirt and band jacket like Christina wore can be great to achieve that messy chic look. Just polish your outfit with a pair of masculine shoes, ballet flats, or even sneakers that scream effortlessly cool.

  1. Stick to clean and refined prints.

striped outfit with leather jacket printed romper with fedora hat and gladiator sandals polka dots shirt with denim shorts and hat

Wearing clean and refined prints like stripes, polka dots and such can be great to add some interest to your looks. Remember, an abstract print dress or even a floral print skirt in clashing colors will only make your messy-chic style overdone so better skip them. The key is to go for muted, simple, and neat prints that will draw attention to your outfit giving enough effortless vibe to keep your messy chic street style fashionable.

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