How to Dress Up Your Work Trousers

If you think your work trousers or straight-leg pants are only for the office, think again. Though it’s easy to reach for a little black dress or your favorite when heading to a dinner date, casual chic weekends, or even office parties, you can still you can still show up in pants. So, keep on reading for our creative tricks to dress up your work trousers, making it perfect for every occasion you’re going to.

Neutral-colored Trousers

cape with bralette and straight leg pants

shirts under chic top with straight leg pants ruffled white top with straight leg pants printed blazer with navy pants and tank

If you’re working in a conservative office, you already have a pair of basic black trousers. If you wish to dress it up as your office wear, think of wearing them with a chic bomber jacket with a nice print like fashion blogger Mary Orton did, making it a bit creative still work appropriate. Chic blouses with ruffles can also be great if you’re dressing up for office parties. If you wish to wear them on a night out, think of wearing it with a sexy top or cape like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan did, as well as sparkly festive tops that can change its conservative look. For accessories, you may think of wearing crystal drop earrings to draw attention to your face, or wear your trousers with statement heels.

Gem-toned or Pastel-colored Trousers

abstract print blouse with straight leg pants and red pumps pastel pants with printed blouse cobalt blue pants with cobalt blue necklace ans white top blue blouse with orange straight leg pants

If you’re working in a creative office, you probably have gem toned trousers that can be easier to dress up. If you’re headed to cocktail hour, try a pair of trousers in a deep teal or cobalt. If you have a pair of pastel colored trousers, think of dressing it up for a casual weekend with an abstract print top and red pumps like fashion blogger Kim Jones did. Or, make it a bit festive by teaming your orange trousers with a quirky print top like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan did. A statement necklace that matches the bold color of your trousers, as well as contrasting shades can also work. Not only can you wear these skinny pants to work, but you can transform a simple trouser into dressed-up perfection.

Printed Trouser

abstract print blazer with pants printed silk pants with white blazer printed pants with red blazer geometric print pants with yellow blazer

If you’re looking for more dimension, a pair of printed trousers kicks up the fancy factor immediately. If you wish to wear them on your regular office days, you may think of adding a pop of color to your black and white trousers with your blazer and a gold choker necklace. Or, keep it sleek with a white blazer, but add some interest with a brightly-colored bag. If you wish to look statement-making on your looks, think of a graphic print blazer that matches your trousers to make your business suit modern at the same time unexpected just like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu did. By heeding these tricks, you’ll extend your office staples into more casual or even party-ready styles.

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