How to Dress Up Your Flip-flops and Thong Sandals

The most casual of all footwear, flip-flops and thong sandals shouldn’t really have a set of rules, should they? Love them or hate them, they’re still one of our most comfortable footwear that’ll allow your feet to breathe in the balmy and sweltering weather. Though practical, they’re not so stylish. Looking for style ideas to pull-off this laid-back footwear? Keep on reading to scoop some tricks.

jogger pants with basic tee

leggings with thong sandals

Though the terms are often used interchangeably, flip-flops are far more casual in appearance and made of rubber or some other sort of material that you might not mind getting wet while thong sandals come in a wide variety of different materials and can be quite extravagant. Sometimes, you can even find women’s evening shoes that also happen to be thongs. Since both make a “flip-flop” sound when you walk in them, they’re nearly the same.

jeans with button down shirt denim shorts and crop top with thong sandals button down shirt with denim shorts white top and shorts with colorful sandals

Unfortunately, they’re not the most stylish or dressy footwear. So, if you wish to wear them out, try to select some pairs that don’t look too sloppy. Some of them come in a variety of styles like slip-ons, y-straps, t-straps, and even lace-up pairs that are great for everyday casual wear. When you’re not at work, there’s no reason you can’t wear flip-flops or thong sandals during your daily routine. Trips to the bakery store, grocery store, or coffee shop are good with simple flip-flops or thong sandals, but if you’re going to go in more chic places, step into a pair of dressier thong sandals. Any casual outfit will go well with flip-flops and thongs. Just avoid those ripped, torn, distressed, and sloppy style if you don’t want to look like you just came out from your bed. Denim shorts, jeans, tank tops, crop tops, Bermuda shorts, capri pants, lightweight pants, jogger pants, leggings, and even leather trousers will go well with your less dressy footwear.

blue dress with flip flops blue-floral-maxi-dress-with-flip-flops chic overalls with flip flops kimono with white dress

The best place to wear flip-flops is at the beach or at the pool side. Who wants to get their favorite shoes wet or tread through the sand in heels? Just look for stylish options of flip flops or thong sandals that you wouldn’t mind getting wet. Cute patterns, bright colors, and interesting embellishments set your simple pair apart from the crowd. Just finish your looks with chic sunglasses and a cute hat to dress up your simple footwear.

white-and-black-bodycon-dress-with-thong-sandals thong-sandals-with cute dress strappy-sandals-with-off-shoulder-maxidress red-skater-dress-with-thong-sandals gold thong sandals with mini dress flip flops with colorful dress

Flip-flops get a bad rap, and some will tell you that they’re never appropriate even you wear them with dresses and more dressy outfits. But, there are times when flip-flops and thong sandals are great for walking before slipping into a pair of heels when going to work. But wearing summer dresses, dressy rompers, breezy maxis, and even corporate outfits with thong or flip flops just say you’re going to dress up your footwear by later. Just go for a more dressy style like gold trims, thicker straps, embellished styles, and even colorful designs to avoid looking underdressed. A lot of places have dress codes, but even if there’s not a rule against flip flops or thong sandals, be sure you’re not going to wear them in places they don’t belong to like in the office, funerals, red carpet event, first dates, business meetings, restaurants, churches, and such. This way, you’re not losing the function and style of practical and comfortable footwear.



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