How to Dress Up Your Everyday Jeans

Jeans are a staple in everyone’s closet and they’re something that you can wear all year round. Because they’re considered basics, wearing them can get boring over time especially when all the other things you wear with them are basic ones as well. If you’re looking for new and inventive ways to wear your them, check out these tips and ideas on how to dress up your everyday jeans to give them a fresh new look.

  • CONJURE UP A CLASSIC – need something quick, easy and foolproof? How about going for a classic outfit that includes a pair of jeans, a crisp plain button up (preferably tucked in) and heels? Some women like to go with the most basic look and opt for a plain white button down but if you’re one who loves a little bit of color in your look, you can choose to do otherwise. You can also accessorize with a classic buckle belt for a hint of the utilitarian look.

basic stylish outfit

classic shirt and jeans basic black jeans and black shirt

  • POLISH YOUR LOOK WITH A BLAZER – is there anything quicker at giving any outfit that posh and polished look than a simple blazer? Go for a structured blazer if you want to go for a really sleek and chic look or, if you want to achieve a less edgy but still dressy look, you can go for a bright and bold statement blazer instead.

gray blazer and jeans striped blazer and jeans jeans and blazer outfit

  • ADD SOME SPARKLE AND SHINE – blue jeans got your outfit looking more casual than you’d like? Add some sheen, sparkle and shine to them by wearing your jeans with metallics, glitters or sequins. This will dress up your jeans and give them more of a festive look. You can also add sparkly jewelry and accessories to your look to dress up your jeans even more.

jeans and glitter sleeves glitzy top and jeans sequined top and jeans

  • FINISH OFF YOUR OUTFIT WITH HEELS – another thing that you can wear to really dress up your everyday jeans is a pair of heels. Even the simplest, most basic black pumps is sure to dress up your everyday jeans but if you’re looking for something more eye catching or if you’re looking for a statement maker, a pair of statement heels will get the job done.

blue heels and jeans printed heels and bf jeans heels and jeans

  • ADD LEATHER TO YOUR LOOK – whether it’s a leather jacket or a pair of leather boots or just a really chic leather purse, adding some leather to your look will surely make your jeans look more posh. Leather and denim is a great combo if you want a nicely balanced, stylish outfit.

leather and jeans leather animal print and jeans outfit leather jacket and jeans

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