How to Dress Up Your Baby Bump a la Kate Middleton

Now that the Duchess’s second pregnancy is confirmed, we can start looking forward to her posh maternity style all over again. There may not be as plenty for the public to see compared to her first pregnancy, though, since she’s constantly under the weather and staying at home. Luckily, she’s showed us enough outfits from her first pregnancy and inspired us more than enough for us to come up with this short but helpful list of tips on how to look sophisticated and polished whilst expecting. Here are some tips on how to dress up your baby bump a la Kate Middleton.

  • Keep it feminine – a lot of women say they feel less pretty during the time of their pregnancy but I think that all really just depends on how you carry your pregnancy. One of the reasons why many women feel this is because their ‘pretty’ clothes no longer fit so they’re forced to wear slouchy shirts and shapeless dresses but that doesn’t have to be the case. Invest in maternity wear if you have the money. Maternity dresses can be really chic and stylish and they will flatter your bump well.

girly brown dress

plaid coat cute girly dress

  • Try a wrap dress – wrap dresses are very versatile. The tie side closure allows enough room for your ever growing bump making it wearable all throughout your pregnancy. What’s even better is that you can wear it post-pregnancy, even when your svelte figure is back, and it would still look fab.

gray wrap dress printed wrap dress

  • Cinch your waist a little higher – to keep a sexy silhouette during pregnancy, emphasizing whatever feminine curves you have left is very important. Since your belly will be growing to make room for your little one, you’ll need to get clothes in bigger sizes but some of these may render shapeless so cinch your dress a little above the waist to get some shape in. If you’re trying to make your bump look smaller, you can go for cinched dresses with a flared bottom.

cinched dress outfit high waist cinch navy blue cinched maternity dress

  • Throw on a coat – throwing on a coat will not only help keep you warm while you’re outdoors, it will also balance out your bump which is really helpful if it’s a little too big for your frame. Aside from that, adding a coat on top of your outfits will also give it an air of regal sophistication.

beige coat and dress ensemble coral peach dress and coat emerald green coat

  • Pick printed pieces – solid colors are pretty and perfect if you’re looking for something simple but on days when you want to spice up the look a little bit, pick printed pieces. Donning a printed dress will also help make your baby bump look smaller.

floral printed dress animal printed dress yellow printed coat

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