How to Dress Up for Early Spring

Spring has just begun and I know there are still lots of you stylish ladies out there who are still dealing with snow as well as with lower temps but don’t worry, it’ll all be over soon and before you know it, Mr. Sun is going to make his appearance, allowing you to finally wear those cute clothes you’ve shopped for in anticipation of the new season. Meanwhile, here are some tips and ideas on how to dress up for early spring.

  • WEAR LIGHTER LONG-SLEEVED PIECES – it may still be a little cold for spring right bow but I’m pretty sure it isn’t too cold for you to need those thick and heavy pieces you used to wear back in winter. Opt for lighter long sleeved pieces instead if you feel it’s a tad too cold for spring and summer staples just yet.

long sleeved shirt

long sleeved gray shirt

  • BUST OUT YOUR CARDIGANS – cardigans are perfect for early spring because they’re not too thick to have you sweating bullets but not too thin and flimsy either to leave you feeling cold. Top off any outfit with a cardigan if you want extra warmth and take it off later on in the day when the sun starts to beam down on you more intensely.

cardigan outfit cardigan for early spring

  • LEARN TO LOVE LAYERS – one really easy way to stay chic and stylish while also being warm and comfy in early spring (as well as on any other day, really) is to add layers to your outfit. Because you’ll want just a little bit of extra warmth, you’ll need to keep your layers down to a minimum and, if possible, layer thinner pieces on top of each other.

layered outfit layers for early spring

  • PANTS UNDERNEATH SKIRTS AND DRESSES – if this sounds weird to you, you have to check out the pictures below. Even I was surprised that this combo was quickly becoming one of the newest trends but apparently, it works and it looks really cool, too! If you’re not too sure you can pull off this look, you can always start out with leggings or tights under your skirts and dresses.

pants and dress pants under a dress

  • MIX LIGHT AND DARK – as far as color palettes go, I think early spring is the perfect time to transition and one easy way to do that is by slowly adding lighter colors to your wardrobe and mixing them up with the darker ones you currently have. Mixing light and dark colors creates contrast that adds interest to the look.

light and dark outfit early spring light and dark

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