How to Dress the Apple Body Type

Sometimes, the more you try to conceal your flaws, is the more they become visible. This is somehow true to some apple body types that carry more weight around their midsection than the rest of their body. Characterized by relatively slim limbs and hips and shorter waist, apple body types are curvier and therefore without a prominent waistline. Whether you’re defining the waistline without the cling or surrendering the waistline with sufficient structure, keep reading on these styling tricks to dress your apple body type in the most flattering way.  pastel pink dress with sandals

coat with lace dressV-neck neon dress backless color blocked dress with heels

When choosing a flattering dress for your shape, you may wish to draw attention to your assets that will automatically hide your flaws. For instance, dresses structured in the shoulders with a scooped neckline, shift dresses with backless styles, feminine dresses with slim or sleeveless styles, and dresses fairly short in length will work well. Just keep in mind that stiffer fabrics are excellent when they are cut a little closer to the body while soft and floating fabrics sufficiently away from the body.

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Also, fit-and-flare dresses are great when the waist is not too tight and the fabric does not cling. Straight or A-line in silhouette, bias-cut dresses, weighty jersey dresses are good options because they create a waistline but skim over the extra bits. You may go for embellished details like front ruffles, mock wraps with plenty of side seam rushing that will also work.

knitted sweater with skirt knitted sweater with skirt loose knitted top with jeans basic tree with leather pants checkered sweater with leather skirt

When choosing for your tops, stay away from bodycon tops that cling too much. When wearing knitted tops like sweaters and tanks, do not wear form-fitting ones and go for knitwear that is fluid or oversized on the midsection and has a welt. The welt reins back in the volume, providing structure that goes a long way to defining your shape. Also, roomy knitwear with high-low hemlines is another great option as they provide enough structure that you’re not drowning in the style. Better choose a lower neckline, scoop or V, if you have a shorter neck and a high neckline for a narrow shoulder line because it adds structure. Cocoon shaped banded tops, fluid fits tops, empire style tops, sweatshirt styles, soft drape-front blouses, button-down shirts, and peplum tops are great because they float away from the waistline, thereby eliminating cling. If the sleeves of your tops are wide, wear them shorter to expose the forearm adding structure to the outfit. Partially tucking the right roomy tops into roomier bottoms would work because you’ll be creating tucked volume on top and creates a flattering voluminous blouson effect on the waist, while tucking in provides the structure.

accordion skirt with blazer miniskirt with sheer top pencil skirt with feminine top skirt with a dress colored jeans with chiffon blouse skinny jeans with loose top

For your bottom, go for a high-rise pencil skirt, bias-cut skirts, trumpet skirts, flared paneled skirts, accordion skirts, circle skirts, or skinny jeans. Sometimes skirts can be more flattering than jeans and walk shorts as they elongate the leg line and break up the torso, which looks attractive. Just remember that the length of your tops should catch you just below your hipbone or a few inches above the crotch point when you wear jeans. Sometimes tucking tops into a high-rise pencil skirt or jeans has a flattering effect creating an accentuated waist from the trick of floating top. That way you won’t be over-accentuating your slim legs and look like you’re toppling over.

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Wearing tailored outerwear over voluminous pieces is probably the best approach to effectively define the apple shaped waist. Moto jackets, boyfriend blazers, bomber jackets, single-breasted structured jackets, and boxy collarless jacket are excellent when worn open because the silhouette glides over the curves of the midsection, thereby creating a structure but without cling. Belted trenches and classic single-breasted coats with tailored lapels and fairly low stances look great because the fabrics provide ample skimming structure. Also, waistcoats and cardigans can have the similar tailored effects, but aren’t quite as structured.


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