How to Dress Like Audrey Hepburn

A British actress known for her iconic looks, Audrey Hepburn is the epitome of sophistication and elegance that many women still try to replicate her style today. Whether it’s her lithe figure, natural beauty, gamine charm, or effortless fashion sense, Audrey’s classic looks will still be in style for years to come. If you’d like to adapt some classic touch to your style, keep reading to get some styling ideas on how to dress like Audrey Hepburn.

Audrey Hepburn sunglasses

Audrey Hepburn classic outfit Audrey Hepburn pink hat Audrey Hepburn statement hatstriped hat with cute outfit floppy hat with classic coat

Audrey was known for her statement hats and glamorous oversized sunglasses. So accessorize appropriately as sunglasses look good on everyone and are perfect for your gloomy days that you didn’t get enough sleep. Audrey wore many statement hats in her films and photos. If you’re not into oversized hats with elaborate details like feathers and bows, go for a simpler one with a wide brim. A floppy hat or wide-brimmed fedora hat will keep your style classic but modern. Just find a statement hat that suits your mood and personality and wear it with confidence and a beaming smile.

Audrey Hepburn scarf stylepearl necklace with black dress Audrey Hepburnpearl necklace with black dress and coat

Audrey is known for her bold, yet feminine, accessories like pearls and scarves. Try silk scarves for summer and cashmere scarves for winter. In the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, you can get a sense of a very glamorous yet classic look of Audrey’s character’s Holly Golightly’s wearing a long strand of pearl necklace. However, this doesn’t have to mean that you must wear a lot of clunky jewelry as Audrey rarely wore more than one piece of jewelry at a time. Instead, go for a pair of simple pearl stud earrings or a pearl necklace, which is all Audrey usually wore in her day-to-day as a beautiful strand of pearls can add a touch of class to any outfit.

Audrey Hepburn pillbox hat with glovesblack dress with gloves

Audrey is known for her long evening gloves with any kind of dresses. For special or formal events, why not wear a pair of long evening gloves with your evening dress? This way, you’re imitating the timeless style of a highly fashionable and sophisticated woman. Often seen in elegant ballet flats, Audrey taught us that you don’t need to be in sky high heels to look polished and stunning. So, a pair of ballet flats or classic pumps is just perfect. Just find one that is versatile and comfortable for you.

Audrey Heburn black dressblack lace dress classic black dress lace dress with animal print shoes and bag little black dress

When you think of the little black dress, you may first thought of Audrey Hepburn’s famous look at “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” film. Every girl needs a go-to little black dress in her closet to dress up or dress down for any occasion. Even it’s simple and classic in classic silhouette and design, it’s a piece that can last for years. Just try to find one that is sleeveless and with a hemline that hits just below the knee in delicate fabrics like chiffon and lace.

Audrey Hepburn pink off shoulder dress Audrey Hepburn collared dress Audrey Hepburn pink dressblack collared dress red dress with black tights

Accentuate your assets through your dress styles. Since Audrey is known for her tiny waist, prominent collarbones, and toned arms, she often turned to full skirts, off-shoulder dresses, fit-and-flare dresses, and even collared dresses that accentuated her figure well. Get the right fit for you as the emphasis of your outfit is on your waist, not your hips or midriff. Every woman looks feminine and sophisticated in a classic fit-and-flare dress that emphasizes the waist and flares out. Just modernize the silhouette with a flared dress that hits just above the knees.

blue dresscoat classic coat with scarf trench coat with collared dress

Audrey pulled together distinct and trendy looks for any weather and occasion. So always look stylish and polished even in bad weather. Audrey always had a classic trench coat or a dress coat that looks chic on a blustery and rainy days.

plaid skirt with collared shirt plaid shirt with white shortsplaid shirt with jeans plaid pants with fur coat gingham dress with cute shoes checkered blouse with pencil skirt

When it comes to patterns and prints, Audrey is fond of classic ones like plaids, checks, gingham, stripes, and such. You could wear a striped top in boat neck style, collared style, or even a dress in classic patterns. Just stay away from busy and loud prints and don’t showcase your artistic skills in print mixing if you want to copy Audrey’s style. If you’re not into prints, then go for a solid color without any logos or print. Just look for a color that goes well with your skin tone and hair color.

Audrey Hepburn ponchogray poncho with floppy hatcollared blouse with midi skirt boatneck peplum blouse with red skirt boatneck striped top with midi skirt turtleneck sweater with fur skirt

When it comes to tops, Audrey preferred peplum blouses, polo, turtlenecks, boatneck blouses, button down shirts, or even flouncy blouses and knits. Just stick to simple designs and stay away from overly-designed cuts or loud patterns. Always remember that if a garment fits, then there is no need to draw attention to it with extra ruffles or loud patterns. Also, the circle skirt is the epitome of mid-century femininity especially when it’s cinched at the midsection with a belt that’s demure yet alluring. A midi-length skirt can overwhelm a petite frame so opt for a skirt that hits just above or just below the knee if you have a shorter frame.

These are guidelines for you to dress like Audrey Hepburn. But, just pick and choose what works best for you. Trying to completely imitate another person’s style will lose your personal touch to your own style. Copy Audrey’s timeless style with your own twist on it.



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