How to Dress Like an It Girl

Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Emma Watson – these are just some of the most stylish young lasses in Hollywood or, as we like to call it, the It Girls of Tinsel Town. Being an It Girl is not as easy as it seems. Being an It Girl means always looking picture perfect. It means making sure that your outfit is always on point and that you’re always up to date with the latest trends. If you’ve always dreamt of being one, check out these tips on how to dress like an It Girl, You may not have paparazzi following you around to get a snap of what you’re wearing but that doesn’t mean you can’t look the part.

  • STOCK UP ON THE BASICS – you’ll be surprised at how surprisingly basic some magazine-worthy outfits are. One of the secrets of being well dressed is having a well-stocked wardrobe and the basics are just some of the things you can never have too many of. Basic pieces like jeans and t-shirts make a great base for layering. With the right accessories, they also make perfect quick go-to outfits.

chrissy teigen

emma stone red carpet outfit

  • ADD A PERSONAL STYLING TOUCH – whether it’s knotting up a shirt or cuffing up your sleeves a certain way, adding a personal styling touch is something you can do to set your outfit apart from the crowd.

chic outfit selena gomez outfit goal

  • ROCK BOLD PRINTS AND PATTERNS – and while we stated earlier that basic pieces are good, bold prints and patterns are even better. Bold prints and patterns not only add lots of style to an outfit but also lots of personality as well.

statement sweater stylish outfit

  • GET ON WITH THE TRENDS – you never know what works and what doesn’t until you try them. Always be open to trying out new looks, styles and trends and sport those that look good on you and ditch those that don’t.

taylor swift style ultra femme look

  • PICK TIMELESS PIECES – another must have in your closet if you want to dress like an It Girl are the timeless classics like a leather jacket, Little Black Dress and a suit, to name a few. These are guaranteed to never go out of style so you just know you’ll be able to get great use out of them.

karlie kloss personal style rhe basics and then some

  • ACCESSORIZE – accessorizing allows you to ‘customize’ an outfit to your liking. If there’s one thing It Girls are never afraid to do, it’s accessorizing. From hats to bags to jewelry and shoes – picking out the right accessories to add to your outfit is important if you want to look the part.

simple but cute outfit white dress and tan accents

  • DON’T SHY AWAY FROM STATEMENT PIECES – statement pieces are great for spicing up any look. Wear them whenever you feel like looking a little more daring and bold and watch heads turn for them.

neutral palette statement vest kendall jenner statement shoes

  • DEFY THE LAWS OF FASHION – It Girls know the unwritten rules of fashion all too well but that doesn’t mean they always stick to it. Denim jeans with a denim top? All white after Labor Day? These used to labeled as no-no’s in fashion until brave and bold It Girls decided to break the rules and now they’re the hottest trends!

Zendaya gigi hadid outfit

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