How to Dress Like a Parisian with Luxury Basics

The French live by their “luxury basics” for where they buy higher quality, more expensive products for their day-to-day wear, and spend very little on their splurge. The French fashion mantra emphasizes minimalism and lasting, classic pieces. So, if you want to stock your closet with clothes fit for the French, keep on reading for our guidelines on how to dress like a Parisian with luxury basics.

Buy less quantity but better quality and versatility.


striped-skirt-with-top-and-espadrilles parisian-outfit-with-chic-flats

Before splurging on five leather jackets of different styles, think first how many times you would wear them before they need to be replaced or even take up closet space while unworn. Like fashion blogger Nikita Wong, you might need one black leather jacket to add some edge to your all white outfit. Remember, the pieces you wear every day should be of such a high quality that you want to wear them every day. Though you may opt for classic prints like stripes and checks, your fabrics should be luxurious and the fit should be perfect.

Go for neutrals.

blanket-scarf-with-white-jeans-and-leather-gloves chiffon-blouse-with-structured-bag-and-leather-trousers casual-chic-ooutfit-with-classic-pumps

When you’re looking for that “investment” piece, you want to find it in a neutral shade. French women usually consider neutrals like black, brown, white, cream, gray, and navy blue. This doesn’t mean that you can’t wear bright colors you love or seasonal “trendy” colors. This will make you have infinite closet space on the pieces you spend the least amount of money on. As your fashion tastes or seasons change, those bright colors will transition in and out of your closet while the rest of your wardrobe remains the same.

Resort to high-quality fabrics.

chunky-sweater-with-skinny-jeans-and-metallic-gold-pumps floppy-hat-with-striped-top-and-coat-with-skirt black-dress-with-gray-fur-blazer

Leather, silk, linen, cashmere, fur, and 100% cotton are some of the luxury fabrics that not only feel good, but they last long and their looks are classic. Like fashion blogger Nikita Wong, you may think of investing in a structured coat that you’ll wear in a lifetime that will go well with your Parisian-inspired outfits, as well as casual outfits. Also, a silk blouse, cashmere sweater, black skinny jeans, and good leather jacket will never go out of style.

Stock your closet with timeless pieces, just like a Parisian.

white-tee-with-chic-bag-and-metallic-sandals monochromatic-outfit-with-chic-nude-shoes denim-skirt-with-striped-top

Luxury basics are the pieces you might invest for since you’ll wear them in a lifetime. Some of them are a navy blue cashmere sweater, silk blouse, luxury jeans, black trousers, black tee, boyfriend blazer, leather jacket, lightweight cape, leather ballet flats, classic pumps, leather boots, trench coat, and even a leather handbag. Like fashion blogger Caroline Louis, think of a high-quality leather bag that can dress up your outfit whether it’s just a white tee and shorts, while keeping you stylish and chic. By heeding these simple tricks, you’ll be able to dress like a Parisian with luxury basics.

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