How to Dress Like a New Yorker

A perfect combination of cool and practical, New York fashion is known for its stylish, versatile, and posh metropolitan vibe on top. If you take a good look at their outfits from the streets, you’ll see how New Yorkers have mastered the art of putting together an outfit that’s fashionable without compromising comfort. If you’re a foreigner trying to fit in and make it to the city, dress like you belong through our styling guidelines, so soon enough other tourists will turn to you for directions.

combat boots with chic outfit

chic hat with casual chic outfit sneakers with chic outfit

“New York is very trend driven,” says Alexandra Greenawalt, the author of Secrets of a Fashion Stylist. “It is such a melting pot of other countries that you literally see everything going on in the world. It’s really a mash up here where everything collides,” she concluded. Since everyone walks in New York City, you’ll need some comfy shoes for walking and running around the streets. Even some rank and file employees that are getting late on their work sport sneakers, comfy boots, and flat shoes so they could run for work won’t get stuck in traffic. They offer style, comfort, and everything you’ll need to look more girly and less utilitarian in the New York streets.

beanie with neutral outfit beanie with New Yorker outfit cute sunglasses and scarf with New Yorker outfit

A hat is the kind of accessory that ups any outfit a few notches. No matter what season it is, go for hats whether cover your head fedoras in the sun or beanies in winter as in New York, a hat always works. Think of a plain or in color beanie, baseball cap, beret, a floppy hat, and fedora so the vibe gives off that urbanite in the city. Some more things you can never go wrong with are knitted shawls, big sunglasses, statement accessories, and even trendy bags that look polished and cool.

all black outfit beige outfit with boots knitted top and leather trousers with coat

Before you start mismatching colors, make sure it looks “thrown on.” For the colder months in the fall and winter, New Yorkers tend to mix up neutral colors but during the warmer months of spring and summer, they like to add a kick of color to their neutrals for a livelier outfit but still looking effortless. It’s a way to convey the mood you’re in and since it’s New York, any polished combination works. Though haute couture and fashion runway mavens will educate you their “do’s and don’ts”, on the streets of New York, different rules are at play.

jeans with chic coat ripped denim jeans with statement jacket

Denim jeans are something that New Yorkers can’t be without. Whether it’s plain or distressed, skinny or flared, blue or black, jeans are something stylish and practical that will keep your outfit simple and straightforward. If you like, you may roll up your pant-cuffs that will work with any pair of shoes.

patterned clutch with crop top and skirt stripes outfit with cute ballet flats checkered coat with boots

Be creatively matching your patterns and prints with something neutral and muted to add some fun to your impeccable style. If you wear a patterned bottom, have something muted on top like a plain knitted turtleneck or a fitted sweater. If you wear a plain crop top and skirt, go for a patterned clutch. You can go for monochrome dressing but mix different textures to keep it interesting and dimensional. New York fashion calls on you to experiment, as the city really understands that style stems from individuality and thereby fosters it.

chic winter outfit with boots blazer with knitted top and skirt trench coat with boots winter outfit with boots

New Yorkers can never have too many toppers, be it a trench coat, pea coat, cardigan, puffer jacket, motorcycle jacket, blazer, suit, bolero or anything else that goes on top of their outfit. Go for layers that will take you from day to night as going home for an outfit change is just not a convenient option. For instance, a structured blazer doubles as business attire and evening wear that works over pretty dresses, jeans, skirt, and even denim jeans.

Whether you love to dress for success or to express your individuality, you have to maintain your polished looks without compromising comfort while walking the streets of New York.



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