How to Dress for a Casual Workplace

Fashion is best when style meets comfort. So why not make advantage of your casual office work to have pleasure in a good sense of style while keeping it casual and laid-back. But remember, casual clothes are not all created equal as the denim jeans and tees you’ll wear to do housework are likely not the same you’ll wear to work. Wondering how to dress in comfortable, stylish, and professional for a casual workplace? Keep on reading to learn some tricks update your typical casual looks into a business casual looks with personality and style.

chambray shirt with pencil skirt

denim jeans with sweater white jeans with button down shirt flared jeans with classic blouse denim skirt with striped top

Casual office dress codes don’t mean low quality or cheap, so if a pair of denim jeans is your key piece, invest in high-quality one. Denim jeans without holes and rips work well, as well as chambray shirt with a sleeker style. When opting for denim ensembles, be sure to dress them up with more chic ones. For instance, if you wish to wear a chambray shirt, tuck it in your structured pencil skirt for a neat and polished look. Also, denim jeans can be a skinny or sailor styles as long as you opt for a plain blue, plain white, or plain black washes paired with a dressier top. Denim skirt can be a comfortable option too but, pay attention to its length and pair it with a long-sleeved top whether it’s a sweater, shirt, or fitted blouse.

black jumpsuit with leather jacket white jumpsuit with classic shoes

Don’t forget that casual still means polished. Being sloppy in your style is not effective in any professional setting, regardless of how casual or creative it is. Skip oversized styles, grunge styles and even glam-rock styles that are not office appropriate. Though you may skip denim overalls and shortalls, you may still wear jumpsuits in dressier styles and finer fabrics. Just polish your looks with minimal accessories like a pair of statement shoes, chic sunglasses, structured bag, and any jewelry.

pink culottes with classic top white culottes with lace blouse pink tank top with white jacket

Remember, most leggings still aren’t pants, even in casual and creative spaces. So, instead of leggings, you may go for a dressier style of pants like culottes, palazzo, straight leg, and even flared ones. If your pants seem to be too figure-hugging at your rear, you may wear it with a flowy blouse or a coat that may cover you up in a stylish way.

Aztec print cardigan with skinny jeans casual white dress checkered button down shirt with skirt skinny pants with tartan shirt printed coat with black outfit

Pattern and prints can be a great way to add some texture to your style. Though you may wear some busy prints and bold patterns, stay away from funky prints that can take away the professionalism in you. You may wear moderate prints on coats, dresses, blouses, skirts, and even in accessories like scarves and bags. Though mixing prints is not encouraged in an office wear, you may modestly mix some prints in a subtle and tamed way. No matter how creative your prints in your ensembles are, you must avoid wearing T-shirts, shorts, mini-skirts, tank tops, and other inappropriately tight or oversized clothing. Also, ensembles with logos, graphic images, and word prints must be skipped. Casual work wear should always be clean and wrinkle-free so it’ll be professional and appropriate for the casual working environment.

cute shoes with striped dress chiffon scarf with classic outfitfloral print shoes with casual outfit jeans with kimono blazer navy dress with brown belt and clogs

To dress up casual attire, you may wear chic accessories like a stylish scarf, statement shoes, cute bag, and chic sunglasses. Select smart-looking sunglass frames that look best on your face shape as well as shoes that will complement your casual outfit. Though you have more of a creative license when it comes to footwear in casual offices, but whatever you do, leave the flip-flops at home. Remember that accessories can be the single distinguishing factor between weekend casual pieces and an office appropriate outfit. So, make sure your accessories are appropriate, modest, and put together. The best thing about a casual dress code is almost anything goes.





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