How to Dress Down Your Sequins for Everyday Wear

Sequins may not seem like something you could wear everyday simply because they’re known for 1980s vibe, pageant queens, and Vegas bachelorette parties that add a lot of sparkle and shine to your outfit like a walking disco ball on daytime. True, sequins echoes party styling but they’re also great to spice up your everyday look. If you’re thinking that sequins are flashy for your comfort, keep on reading to get some tricks on dressing down your sequins for everyday wear.

sequin blouse with black skirt

sequin skirt with blouse and fur scarf white and silver outfit silver sequin pants with leather jacket

Since sequins are showstopping and definitely make a statement, you may dress them down by wearing a monochrome outfit or a sequin ensemble with a neutral outfit. By their nature, it’s hard to make sequins look plain and boring so it’s one of the best tricks to spice up your tonal dressing. Wearing a black sequin blouse with an all-black outfit or a silver sequined blazer with an all white outfit keeps the harmony of your theme without looking flashy or overdone. As long as the color palette lies in the same hues or shades, you’ll give off a vertical image that can make your sequin a statement piece without going overboard. When wearing sequin of any shade, avoid wearing any flashy colors like hot pink, red, cobalt blue, lime green, gold, and other sequins together.

gingham blouse with sequin skirt striped top with sequin skirt

While wearing a sequin ensemble or a skirt, you can still wear classic and tamed prints in muted fabrics like a gingham pattern in a cotton shirt or a striped pattern in a cotton sweater. Be sure to pick the simplest prints and patterns and avoid the statement ones. Also, keep the shade of the prints neutral or in the same color of your sequin ensemble to avoid high contrast and an eyesore. Like Blair Eadie, you may wear a striped sweater with a sequin pencil skirt and complement your looks with strappy shoes that resemble your striped sweater.

chambray shirt with sequins sequin skirt with chambray shirt sequined boyfriend jeans with basic tee sequin top with denim jacket

Pairing denim with your sequins will give you a look that’s both laid-back and glamorous which will make you look like the most effortless girl in the room. Play around with texture. While denim screams a casual feel, sequin echoes a party vibe that adds another dimension to an otherwise neutral and casual ensemble.

black blazer with sequin shorts chambray shirt with blazer and sequin shorts sequin pants with military jacket trench coat with sequin skirt

Sequin itself is a bit complicated, so keep away from complex cuts and structured silhouettes. Dress your sequins down with your outerwear like trench coats, blazers, jackets, and vests in muted shades. By doing this, you go well on the design while keeping the sparkle in the focus. When wearing a sequin skirt, you may throw on a cardigan or a trench coat to balance out the glitter.

sequin skirt with basic tee sequin with casual outfit sequin with knitted sweater

Unless you want to blind someone, don’t go crazy with the sequin style just like wearing sequin on your top, your skirt, your shoes and your bag. Instead, wear sequins with basic or casual everyday wear with no embellishments. A knitted sweater, basic tee, pencil skirt, tank top and such work well from day to night. Just remember to keep the rest of your look plain and let the sequins take the attention. Also, pairing sequins with basics extends the life of those fun party pieces you have hanging in your closet.

sequin with sporty chic outfit sequin skirt with all black outfit nude dress with black sequin blazer

Keep everything else pretty low-key and simple. This means no big or statement accessories and no dark or intense makeup. Go for a casual-fancy, high-low mix. Dress down your sequin ensembles with casual or even sporty accessories like sneakers, beanies, or even a backpack. Also, pairing your sequin ensemble with accessories in similar colors and tones will balance the glittery feel of your looks.

Indeed, sequins are great in spicing up your otherwise neutral, plain, and boring outfit. Just dress them down with cool styling and be the most fashionable woman in your casual street style.


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