How to Dress Down Your Lavish Silk Pieces

Silk has always been one of the more luxurious fabrics that not everyone considers to be everyday outfit material. It’s very lush and lavish and many often reserve pieces made from this fabric for special events and occasions. However, there are also some who love adding a bit of luxury to everyday ordinary outfits and would sport silk once or twice every now and then on the regular. If you have a silk piece that you want to incorporate to your casual looks, check out these tips on how to dress down your lavish silk pieces.


silk slip dress and flannel shirt

silk printed dress printed silk cardi with jeans

  • WEAR THEM WITH FLATS – whether you’re wearing a silk dress, silk skirt or a silk top, finish up your whole look with simple flats to give the silk piece a more casual look that’s fitter for everyday wear. This is a great way to dress your silk piece just a wee bit instead of totally taking away its elegant vibe.

white jeans and silk bomber jacket greeb silk skirt

  • ADD A DENIM PIECE TO YOUR OUTFIT – another really easy way to dress down a lavish silk piece is to add a denim piece somewhere in your outfit along with it. Denim never fails to lend any outfit a casual and laidback look which is why it’s the perfect match for any dressy item you want to dress down. A silk top would make a great street style look when paired with a chic denim skirt. You can top off your silk dress with a denim vest or a denim jacket or you can wear an easy chambray shirt together with your silk skirt.

jeans wedges and silk top lacy silk blazer and denim shorts

  • FOLLOW THE 70-30 RULE – the 70-30 rule suggests that you wear 70 percent casual and 30 percent chic when planning out your outfits and this is a perfect styling rule to go by if you’re looking for a foolproof way to dress down a super lush and lavish silk piece. This ‘rule’ allows you to wear more than one dressy item as long as you don’t go over the top.

plain gray jumper and silk scarf silk shorts white tee

  • PAIR IT WITH THRIFT STORE FINDS – last but not least on our list of tips on how to dress down your lavish silk pieces is to pair it with awesome thrift store finds. Thrift stores are great sources of vintage items that you can style with a modern twist. Add a few vintage / retro pieces here and there to give your silk pieces a more laidback and relaxed look.

pictures source at robe style cardigan in printed silk


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