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How to Do the No Makeup Makeup Look

If there’s one makeup look that couldn’t be any more perfect for the hot summer weather, it’s the no makeup makeup look. What makes this look ideal for summer is the fact that it’s very light so it doesn’t tend to cake up compared to when you wear full makeup or heavy makeup. If you want to know how to do the no makeup makeup look, check out our tips below.

  • Prep and prime – the secret to achieving flawless and natural looking makeup is to start with a clean and smooth canvass where products can easily glide on and you can achieve this by making sure that your face is well prepped and properly primed. Wash your face to get rid of any dirt and pat it dry. Once your face is completely dry, put on your moisturizer and let it sit for a while so the skin can absorb it. After you moisturize, use a good facial primer on your face and use eyelid / shadow primer on your eyes, too, to make all the products last longer.

light and fresh makeup

perfect makeup look

  • Foundation – the best way to make your makeup look as natural as possible is to use foundation that matches your skin tone. If you can’t find your perfect match, try to blends several different shades of foundation and see if you can come up with a shade that comes close to your natural skin tone. Try not to go for a foundation that offers full coverage, too, and go for one that offers light to medium coverage instead. You’ll want to just even out your skin tone and not mask your skin with products. If you don’t have that many issues with your skin, try using something even lighter than foundation like BB / CC creams or tinted moisturizer.

flawless natural look

  • Conceal – conceal only if you have blemishes and spots that your foundation can’t cover up. If your face looks flawless after putting a layer or two of foundation (or whatever facial product you’ve used) on, feel free to leave out this step and proceed to the next.

no makeup makeup look

  • Eyebrows – your eyebrows can make or break your look so make sure you don’t skimp on grooming them. To get a more natural look, use a brow pencil or brow shadow to lightly fill in your brows and to make sure your brow products don’t get erased by sweat, use a clear brow gel to hold it all together.

light makeup colors fresh and natural

  • Eyes – if you want the real deal on the no makeup makeup look, skip on the shadow and get on with the other eye products. If you can’t leave the house without at least a bit of eye shadow on, opt for light colors like champagne or lighter shades of brown or other light earth tones. Frame your eyes using brown eyeliner instead of black to get a softer and more natural look and define and open them up by curling them and coating them with one or two layers of mascara.

natural looking makeup

  • Blush – using the right color and amount of blush should give you a natural flushed look. Take your blush brush and swirl it on to your favorite powder blush then tap off the excess and brush it on to your cheeks. You might also want to use cream or gel blushes. They last longer and look more natural when blended well.

natural makeup look

  • Lips – for lips, avoid dark and vampy colors and stick to nudes and soft lip colors instead. If you don’t mind leaving the house without some lipstick on, reach for some tinted balm instead and you’re good to go.

simple makeup look porcelain like skin