How To Do Newsprint Nails In 5 Easy Steps

How To Do Newsprint Nails In 5 Easy Steps :

This tutorial appeared in Kiss Magazine a few months ago. My friend Aisling and I absolutely loved it so we decided to share it with all of you who may not have seen it in Kiss. Aisling came over to my house and we put together this How To.  Have fun! 

This is the page in Kiss Magazine where the tutorial originally appeared. Kiss is my favourite magazine and if you’re an Irish teen you should so check it out!


1. So this is what you need,
i) Nail polish (we chose blue and white both colours worked really well!)
ii) Alcohol or Methylated spirits (we actually used Earlobe Cleanser (pictured with the white cap, the type you get when you get your ears pierced) as it contains methylated spirits and did the job just as well but you can get the actual spirits at any chemist)
iii) News paper, the amount of news paper shown was good for both my nails and Aislings nails it doesn’t matter what the article says as the print comes out backwards.
iv) You’ll also need a top coat for your nails, although that’s not pictured above.

2. Paint your nails! 

 Aisling chose blue…
I chose white!
3.Cover your nail in the spirits  or alcohol and press the newspaper down (make sure to get the whole nail) for about ten seconds.
4. Paint a top coat on your nails when they are all covered in newspaper print!
5. Be amazed at how cool they are and graciously accept compliments from everyone who sees them! 
The print showed up really well, much clearer than the pictures show even, and I got compliments from it all day! Everyone from my Mom and my Aunts to a sales lady who caught site of them as I handed over my money complimented me on them. Aisling was complimented on hers at our youth club and by basically everybody in school (I haven’t worn them to school yet, Aisling tried them before me). The best thing, practically speaking, it this all only takes around five minutes longer than painting your nails normally! I’d recommend doing these nails one hundred percent because they’re easy, quick, really unique and a great statement!
ps. you can add an extra detail , like a flower or studs :

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