How To Do Eyebrow Makeup

How I Do My Brows

 Helloooooo guys! So I know some of the main questions I get asked are How do you do your brows? or “What do you use on your brows?” and I get complimented on my eyebrows a lot so I thought I’d do a quick post, well actually I very much doubt it’s going to be quick, on how to get a good ol’ bold brow.
Urban Decay eye shadow- eye brush
The products I generally use are basically just an Urban Decay eye shadow in the shade Secret Service and a Benefit angled eye brush, for the purpose of this “tutorial” if you will, I’ll also be using a wooden cuticle stick (I have plenty of these with being a nail technician and it’s one of the best things I find to use for this purpose, but you could just use an eyeliner or anything long and thin!). Obviously the products you use will vary depending on your preference, whether that be a powder like me or an eyebrow pencil, there’s no right or wrong it’s just down to personal preference, all I’m showing you is how I’ve been trained to get the right brow shape for you.
Let’s get down to it. (and don’t you dare laugh at my wonky brows! I’m fully aware one is a lothigher than the other!)
How To Do Eyebrow Makeup
So obviously you start with clean brows, no product in them, nothing, nada.
How To Do Eyebrow Makeup-2
Now to find where your brows should start, you place the bottom of the stick at the right side of your nose vertically (if your doing the right brow obviously) and just make a mark at the inside edge of the stick.
How To Do Eyebrow Makeup-3
The marks should be around here somewhere, your brows ideally should start in line with the inside corner of your eyes, not too far towards your nose or you’ll look angry all the time!
How To Do Eyebrow Makeup-4
Next your finding where the highest point of your brows should be, where your arch should stop and start to taper down. To do this you place the bottom of the stick at the edge of your nostril again and looking straight ahead the stick should be going directly through your pupils, where the stick meets your brow, this is where your highest point should be.
How To Do Eyebrow Makeup-5
So now you should have found the highest point of your brows and made another little mark so that you have a guide.
How To Do Eyebrow Makeup-6
The last part of the process is finding where your brows should end. To do this, the stick should be placed where it has been the whole time, at the edge of your nose and this time the sticks going to be angled so that it’s in line with the outer corner of your eye, like above.
How To Do Eyebrow Makeup-7
Make another little mark where your brows should end. So all in all, you should have three little marks, that look a little something like this to be your guide for when your filling your brows in.
Now all you have to do is follow them as a guideline and viola! Your should have gorgeous brows!
How To Do Eyebrow Makeup-8
Because, like you can see in the first photo (and all the others in fact) that one of mine is a lot higher than the other, I sometimes place the stick straight across from the higher brow and make a mark for the other brow as to how high it should be filled in, so they’re as similar as possible.
How To Do Eyebrow Makeup-9 How To Do Eyebrow Makeup-11
And there you have it! It really is that simple. If I’ve made a little mistake, I use a tiny bit of concealer on a concealer brush and just clean up anywhere that’s gone a bit messy. All I do to finish off is place a little hairspray over the top (sprayed onto my finger first) to keep them in place all day and then add a little highlighter underneath to make them look more sculpted.
Now don’t get me wrong, I do not do this routine every day and my brows aren’t this bold for every day but for the purpose of this post, it’s the best way to show you. I hope I made even a little bit of sense and explained it well enough for you to follow.
Are you a bold brow kinda’ girl?
Hope this helped!
Love, Hannah
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