How to Do a Double Braided Ponytail

The double braided ponytail is such a cute hairstyle that you can wear with your everyday looks and it might seem a little complicated at first glance but it’s actually really easy to do. What I like about the double braided ponytail is that it looks great on both curly and straight hair so you can work with your hair’s natural texture. I also love the fact that you don’t need super long hair to get this look done. As long as your hair is long enough to be tied up in a ponytail, you can do this look. There are lots of variations of the double braided ponytail but if you’re looking for the simplest way to recreate this hairstyle, check out this tutorial on how to do a double braided ponytail. We’ll also be showing some pictures of a few variations of the look.

  • Prep your hair – as mentioned earlier, this look works on either straight or curly hair but if, for example, you have straight hair and you want to do this with curls for a more romantic look or if you have curly hair and you want to do this with straight hair for a sleeker look, go ahead and do that now. You’ll also want to start with smooth and tangle-free hair so you’ll have a neat ‘do by the end of the process.

double braid ponytail basic

messy blonde double braid ponytail

  • Section your hair – once you’re done prepping your hair for this hairstyle, go ahead and take a section each from both sides about the size of an inch or an inch and a half. Separate this section from the rest of your hair by tying the rest in a ponytail. You can do more than one section if you plan on doing a layered double braided ponytail.

rachel zoe wavy double braid ponytail cure double side braid

  • Start braiding – now that you’ve sectioned a part of your hair off from each side, you can start doing the braids. You can do pretty much any kind of braid you like or any kind of braid that you’re familiar with. One of the most popular kinds of braids used with this look is the French braid but if you’re looking for something more fun and summery, you can do a fishtail braid instead or an inverted French braid which is also often called the Dutch braid. Once you’ve reached the end, secure your braids with an elastic band.

sleek and tight double braid ponytail double braid side ponytail

  • Gather it up in a ponytail – release the bigger section of hair that you put back in a ponytail earlier, comb it to remove any tangles and start doing a low ponytail. Make sure that you include the braided sections of hair from each side. Secure with an elastic band of with any hair tie you have on hand and you’re done with your double braided ponytail!

layered double braid ponytail layered double braid ponytail

  • Styling – loosen up your braids if you want a more relaxed and casual look. If you want to dress up the look a little bit, take a tiny section of hair from the side of your ponytail and wrap it around the elastic band then secure with a bobby pin. You can also braid the ‘tail’ of your ponytail if you want or you can also add hair accessories like little clips to make the hairstyle prettier.

double braid upgrade for styling boho double braid ponytaildouble braid hairstyle

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