How to Differentiate Fashion Splurges and Saves When Shopping

Shopping is one of the means to keep up with the current trends, and to refresh your style with trendy items once in a while. However, there’s a fine line between splurge and save when shopping. You might buy a trendy piece that won’t serve you for long without thinking your closet is lacking timeless pieces. So keep on reading for smart shopping tricks that will help you before you rush to fashion stores.

Figure out the “gaps” or essential missing pieces from your wardrobe.

bright blue summer dress

trendy floral dress tiered lace dress chic top with retro floral skirt

The first thing to do when planning a shopping trip is to look inside your wardrobe and figure out the gaps or missing essential pieces that you will need. In the summer, you might need a brightly colored maxi dress that will keep you breezy or a floral print skirt that will add some flair to your plain tops. Also, you might want a trendy dress with novelty patterns to change your looks once in a while. By knowing the gaps in your closet, you’ll know your needs over wants when shopping.

Save up for a trendy item that can spice up your basics.

brightly print dress with denim jacket purple shoes with floral top and jeans graphic print peplum with shorts embroidered vest with all white outfit

Keep in mind that trends come and go and investing too much on them won’t give you a lifelong benefit. Of course, we all want to keep up on the latest trends and having some trendy items can be great to spice up your basics. If the missing piece on your closet is a trendy item, you may save for it, but don’t make it a priority since you won’t be able to wear them for long. For instance, you may go for a tribal print vest that can spice up your dresses, basics, and even monochromatic outfits. However, keep in mind that they’re not always in style so buying them in multiples isn’t wise. Bright colors seem to be all over this season so you can keep up to date by wearing brightly colored shoes without blowing your whole budget.

If the piece is a basic item think of splurging for it for a timeless investment.

jeans with tank top white top with boot cut pants shirt dress with hat maxi dress wih slip on sandals

If the missing piece in your closet is a timeless item, think of splurging for it since it will give you a lifetime benefit. There are a few must have items that every girl should own that can be versatile enough to wear with everything, every time. Some of them might be a shift dress, button-down shirt, shirt dress, denim jeans, structured blazer, trench coat, black dress, turtleneck, straight-leg pants and such that will serve you for years to come.

Mix your timeless basics with trendy items to come up with fashion-forward looks.

structured skirt with cold shoulder top skirt with jeans and cold shoulder top halter top with skirt fur skirt with studded sweater

When you’ve bought a trendy or basic item, mix them up with your existing staples so you’ll make the most of your wardrobe essentials. If your trendy studded sweater looks outdated, spice it up with a fur skirt. Also, you can wear your favorite pieces along with trendy items all together in a layered outfit that’s functional and stylish in cooler months. By heeding theses tricks, you’ll make the most out of your closet while saving wisely for future essentials you’ll need to keep up with a great style.

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