How to Create Your Own Style That Suits Your Personality

Though London and Paris are considered to be the birthplace of high– end fashion, many women across the globe are getting more fashion-forward than ever. Wearing the right kind of clothes makes all the difference. Whether you could afford designer clothes or not, you can create your own style that suits your personality with our guidelines.

Know your intentions.

boho dress with leather jacket

tomboy inspired outfit with briefcase oversized sweater with culottes

Before going shopping and investing in pricey ensembles, know your intentions first why you want to create your own style. There are two different kinds of shopper. One who contented wearing clothes that are comfortable, and the other one who swear by designer labels and tags. Some women consider designer clothes more comfortable since it gives them confidence and elite social status. Therefore, it is extremely essential to know your motives so you can opt for clothes that will enhance your personality.

Opt for styles that reflect your personality and moods.

bohemian blazer with winter outfit borrowed from boys outfit romantic-party-dress-with-nude-pumps

If you don’t like too much sparkle on your clothes and accessories then avoid glittered clothes and stiletto heels as you will feel uncomfortable in it. Though trends are sometimes helpful for giving you a fashion-forward look, you need to find the right balance between your personality and the latest fashion trends. There are a wide variety of styles in the market so you have to find the one that beautifully highlights your personality.

Experiment on styles that flatter your body type.

leather corset top with blazer and pants orange coat with matching colored pants little black dress with over the knee boots

It is extremely essential to find the right kind of clothing for your body. Not everyone has the perfect figure, so you need to play around your body to draw attention towards your assets while concealing your flaws. For instance, a v-neckline on dresses and tops look good when you have broad shoulders. The same applies on shoes as well. If your shoe has straps that break the color of your legs and feet, then it will make you look smaller, so avoid it if you have a petite figure. Just always make it a point to wear those clothes that highlights the best body parts.

Add some uniqueness to your style with colors, details, and prints.

checkered coat with winter outfit winter white outfit with green scarf winter outfit with mercury sunglasses

Like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu, you may channel your playful style with your color choices, details, and prints. Like her, you may add some trendy spin to your classic winter white outfit with a green scarf, which can be safe enough if you’re not comfortable wearing bold colors. Or, opt for a checkered coat that will add some flair to your boring winter outfits. Also, a woman with an eccentric style will pick enigmatic pair of mercury sunglasses over a classic one with traditional frames. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to make your style suit your personality strategically.

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