How to Create Your Fashion Uniform

If you find dressing in the morning challenging as you have to decide which pieces to wear, maybe it’s time to create your fashion uniform. A fashion uniform is a standard way of dressing that can be unique to each individual woman as it’s a way of expressing a signature style. Keep on reading to establish a recognizable look that characterizes your own fashion style.

  1. Invest on classic and timeless ensembles.

black and white chiffon blouse with skinny jeans

white outfit with nude coat and pumps mustard coat with fedora hat classic dress with structured coat borrowed from boys outfit with loafers

When you invest on classic and timeless ensembles, dressing can be less expensive and easier because you’ll need only a few pieces to create a fashion uniform. Timeless pieces like turtleneck sweaters, pencil skirts, wool coats, button-down shirts, jeans, leggings and such make up the best fashion uniform. There are lots of options, but a wear-to-work uniform that could serve you well as you don’t have to worry about fashion trends since classic clothing is timeless.

  1. Make your fashion uniform suitable for your lifestyle.

boyfriend jeans and leather jacket with black top tweed blazer with tweed skirt and classic pumps leather trousers and blazer with white top chiffon blouse with olive pants with blazer button front denim skirt with striped top

Whether you’re a woman who works in a corporate office or a fashion enthusiast working in the fashion industry, make your fashion uniform suitable for your lifestyle. Typically, a woman working in a fashion industry might include leather leggings, structured blazers, tank tops, and tunics while a business woman will benefit from chic blazers, button-down shirts, pencil skirts, and straight-leg pants. If you’re working in a casual environment, a pair of sleek jeans, midi denim skirt, striped tee, fitted sweater, and chic shirt are a must.

  1. Select colors and prints that flatter you.

all black feminine outfit nude dress and pumps with pastel coat fitted sweater with checkered skirt brown boots with camel coat and black dress black dress with  cropped jacket

Whether you wish to go for a colorful or monochromatic outfit, go for the colors and prints that flatter you. A woman with a pale complexion might not look great in the shades of black and yellow while a bottom-heavy woman would look heavier with a loud print skirt. Keep in mind that patterns like horizontal stripes can add some volume to your body areas you wish to emphasize while dark colors like black can be slimming for your curvy shape.

  1. Incorporate some trendy pieces to your classic ensembles for an updated look.

lavender skirt with collared top tank top and blazer with denim shorts sweater and collared shirt with neoprene skirt leopard pants with fur coat and edgy boots layered outfit with crisscross sandals

Dressing in a uniform can become somewhat boring. So, feel free to incorporate some trendy pieces with your outfit to keep it up to date and fashion-forward. If you already have the basic pieces on your closet, you may copy Blair Eadie’s style of wearing her timeless staple in a modern way, layering your classic pieces unexpectedly to create a voguish look. Layering your classic sweater with your button-down shirt can also be trendy without going overboard.

  1. Wear stylish and functional accessories to spice up your outfit.

red bag and shoes with striped top and jacket statement sandals with neon skirt and collared top red bag and statement sandals with skinny pants and double breasted jacket navy dress with statement necklace and strappy sandals chic outfit with trendy oxfords

With the limited wardrobe that comes with adopting a fashion uniform, dressing may feel too restrictive at times. So, spice up your outfit with stylish and functional accessories like scarves, sunglasses, jewelry, shoes, handbags, and hats. This way, you’ll be somehow prepared for out-of-the-ordinary circumstances or special events that call for a more stylish look.

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