How to Create Style Power in the Workplace

If you’re working in a professional office, chances are you have your uniforms or even pantsuits that will keep you stylish and authoritative. However, it can be tricky to dress feminine and chic without breaking office rules. So, keep on reading for our guidelines on how to create style power in the workplace.

Avoid showing skin at your workplace.


trench-coat-with-classic-pumps casual-office-outfit-with-coat

If you’re going out with your friends, you’re more likely to show a bit of skin, but as the workplace is not your fancy ground so showing skin is not appropriate. You’ll only reduce your style power in the workplace if you show lots of skin, shoulders, arms, decolletage, stomach, legs, and feet. Remember, the more skin you show is the more exciting you become, but you also become distracting. Don’t show off your shoulders with sexy tops and look for blouses and dresses with some sleeve. Just in case you’re wearing a long sleeved midi dress yet with a form-fitting silhouette, consider covering up with a coat like fashion blogger Kristin Sundberg did.

Resort to a structured blazer, vest, or coat.

classic-camel-vest-with-loose-pants tuxedo-blazer-with-tee-and-sneakers blazer-with-structured-bag-and-skinny-jeans

Whether you’re working in a creative or casual workplace, add some polish to your office outfits with a structured topper. According to Sarah Greenberg, co-president of Theatrical Marketing for Lionsgate Films, you must have a blazer with you all the time as if you just never know when you’re going to be pulled into a meeting with a CEO or a filmmaker. “Even if I’m wearing jeans, I have a blazer on the back door in my office and a pair of heels under my desk, and I’m always going to be dressed appropriately,” she said.

Go for collared tops and dresses.

collared-shirt-with-navy-blazer-and-flared-pants collared-shirt-with-striped-sweater-and-capri-pants striped-blouse-with-vest-and-boxy-white-pants

Many women feel that they don’t have the power or authority at work that they’d like, and because their workplace is ‘business casual’ then the wearing of suits is out of place. However, consider the power of collars whether it’s a shirt or dress. Did you know that we give people in collars more respect than those without?  That’s the reason why polo shirt has become such a staple in men’s business casual wardrobes, as even though it is a relaxed and casual garment, it still has a collar. But as a woman, polo shirts are not usually a great garment, so think of empowering your business casual wardrobe by adding in a collar, without looking over-dressed, maybe with a striped shirt, button-down, or even a collared dress.

Resort to classic pumps or closed-toe shoes over peep-toes and strappy sandals.

ballet-flats-with-office-outfit masculine-shoes-with-sweater-and-pants

Classic pumps are a must for conservative workplaces, but if you’re in creative or even casual offices, avoid peep-toe and strappy sandals as they don’t look professional. Ballet flats and closed-toe shoes are better choices to look a bit relaxed yet professional. You don’t suddenly have to wear a ‘power suit’, but even these small adjustments to your wardrobe will tell the world that you are serious about business and your work, and they just may help you gain respect and authority.

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