How to Create a Sustainable Winter Wardrobe

Though winter season means it’s time to layer and bring out your coziest items, it’s possible to create a winter style that looks good, keeps you warm, and minimizes the environmental impact of your clothing. Before you fill the holes in your winter wardrobe, keep on reading for the guidelines on choosing sustainable items to make sure that your winter clothes are comfortable, cozy, and eco-friendly.

Look for recycled cotton or bamboo.

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Cotton production wastes water, takes a lot of fertilizer, and uses a lot of resources during processing. By opting for recycled cotton, you cut waste and save your country from sending 13.1 million tons of textiles to landfills every year. Also, try bamboo as it’s easy to grow and makes an excellent moisture-wicking cloth. It grows like a weed and it doesn’t need fertilizer or extra water. While it’s growing, it provides an essential habitat for many endangered species. Bamboo products are excellent layers on cold winter days since they resist bacterial growth. By buying bamboo, you encourage farmers in Asian nations to leave this plant and the habitats it creates, intact.

Polyester can be sustainable.

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Though polyester is unnatural and comes from petrochemicals, it’s still considered as sustainable. In recent years, clothing companies have learned to make polyester from recycled materials which make it good for the environment. Don’t banish fleece jackets, gloves, and hats from your wardrobe. Performance fleeces come in a wide range of colors and are practical for active outdoor activities while keeping your body warm. So, do a little research, and pick up a recycled item that’s good for you and the environment.

Shop the thrift stores.

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One of the best ways to avoid consuming resources is to reuse goods that have already been manufactured. Instead of going shopping for fast fashion clothes and other ready to wear pieces at malls, stop by your favorite thrift store and pick up a vintage coat that meshes with your personal style. Many high-quality wool coats look just as beautiful and stylish today as they did decades ago, and older coats were often hand tailored. Like fashion blogger Ania Boniecka, you may find an orange winter coat that will add some pop of color to your cozy-chic cold weather outfits.

Try knitting and crocheting to create your own look.

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If you need a new hat, beanie, sweater, or scarf, think of creating your own winter essentials by knitting and crocheting. Why not create the wardrobe of your dreams instead of being limited by what’s available in the store? While many yarns are harmful to the environment, specialty shops and online retailers carry a wide array of sustainable and fair trade products. Think of wool, Alpaca, or Angora. Typically, American organic farmers also produce sustainable yarns. By using these products to make your own accessories, you’ll help the environment and create your own, unique style. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to create a sustainable winter wardrobe strategically.

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