How to Choose Collars to Balance Your Figure

Dressing for your body shape can be great to look your best at all times. Apart from fit, fabrics, and silhouettes, details can make or break your look. One of the most underestimated details is the collar which can draw attention to your face or to your bust. So, keep on reading for our guidelines on how to choose collars to balance your figure.

Go for broader collars to balance hips.


tweed-blazer-with-wide-leg-pants collared-black-outfit

For apples and pear-shaped women, broader collars can be great to balance the hips. This also applies when you wear loose pants or free-flowing skirt. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, a pair of wide leg pants will look more balanced if you team it with a ruffled collared top and a tweed blazer. Also, baby collars on blouses topped with sweaters can be great to add some preppy element to your looks just like Nicole did, wearing it with a graphic print skirt and stiletto pumps.

Narrow and smaller collars work best for straight-shaped women and petites.

collared-top-with-straight-leg-pants green-button-down-shirt-dress denim-romper-with-travel-bag

If you’re petite, avoid wide and oversized collars that will only swamp your frame. Instead, go for narrower or smaller collars that will avoid broadening your shoulders or overwhelming your frame. Like fashion blogger Sydne Summer, you may opt for a button-down shirt dress with a narrow collar that looks attractive for your petite frame. If you’re straight figured like fashion blogger Mary Orton, go for pointed collars in narrower styles to avoid highlighting how straight your figure is or how you lack curves.

Higher collars will make you look taller, while lower ones will draw attention to bust and make larger.

breezy-shirt-dress-with-sun-hat modern-chic-outfit-with-coat collared-dress-with-pearl-choker-and-socks-with-pumps

Higher collars can draw the attention upwards, making you look taller. On the other hand, lower collars will draw attention to bust and make it larger. Like fashion blogger Jane Aldridge, you may go for an off-shoulder collar style that looks a bit retro and mod, which will add some volume on your bust line just like the ruffled detail will do. On the other hand, if you wish to look taller and draw attention to your face, closed your buttons, making your collars high just like fashion blogger Nicole Warne did, wearing his collared blouse with paper bag waist shorts and coat.

Higher wider collars can balance, but a high opening will cover up your bust making it appear larger.

preppy-outfit-with-socks-and-sandals modern-chic-all-white-suit green-blouse-with-leather-shorts-and-boots

If you’re aiming to add some volume to your bust without wearing ruffles or embellishments, go for a higher wider collar with a high opening that will cover up your bust and make it appear larger. Wide collars on your blazers can work as well just like fashion blogger Nicole Warne did, wearing an all-white suit. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to make every detail of your outfit works for you, including the collars.

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