How to Channel 70’s Fashion at the Beach

70’s fashion is all the rage nowadays. Flowy and free-spirited, this vintage style trend has transcended itself to the sunny summer season. Whilst most of 70’s fashion is perfect for work and for play, this style can be carried to the beach as well. Here are some fashion tips that can help you channel 70’s fashion at the beach.

Mix and Match it

70’s fashion is all about being carefree and free-spirited. You can translate these to your look by mixing and matching your top and bikini bottom. You can pick a solid-colored item and pair it with a printed or psychedelic one. The possibilities are endless with this 70’s fashion-inspired style.

mix and match bikini

mix and match bikini outfit

Go High (Waisted)

If you want 70’s fashion style that can make you look sexier, then make sure to choose a high-waisted bikini bottom. Not only will it conceal your tummy, it can help create a sexier hourglass figure as well. For the ultimate 70’s look, choose pieces with polka dots or busy prints.

70s high waisted bikini printed high waist bikini

Go Sheer

Summer beach trips are all about being sexy. Whether you are slim or voluptuous, you can channel 70s fashion with a sheer, printed cover-up. A white peasant top or a cute sarong are just some of the perfect examples for a retro look. Just make sure you are okay with your topper getting wet, as you cannot avoid it!

white sheer coverup sheer cover up

Go Crocheted

Another cute 70’s fashion idea for a cover-up is a crocheted piece. Like sheer pieces, they offer a sneak preview of your sexy and toned body. Whether it’s a crocheted crop top or kimono, you can emit the vibe of a retro goddess whilst wearing them.

crochet cover up crochet overalls

Go Big and Floppy

When one thinks of 70’s fashion, big, flashy items usually come into mind. With that being said, it is imperative that you wear oversized sunglasses and a floppy, straw hat whilst at the beach. Not only will these help you achieve the 70’s fashion style, they can protect you from the harmful sun rays as well.

straw hat and sunnies hat and shades

Be a Gladiator

When it comes to footwear, gladiator sandals are the hands-down epitomes of the 70’s fashion look. While they are perfect for a trip to the beach, they can be burdensome to remove in case you want to take a dip right away. So if you are in a hurry to take a swim, make sure to choose easy-to-remove gladiator sandals – such as the ones with zippered backs or Velcro straps.

gladiator sandals black gladiator sandals

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