How to Build a Solid Streetwear Wardrobe

Street-level dressing may mean putting together a look with a pair of jeans, tee, trainers and such. The truth is that putting together a strong outfit calls for a solid selection of staples that you can build upon as your wardrobe grows. So, keep on reading for our guidelines on how to build a solid streetwear wardrobe.

Start by picking up a solid pair of everyday sneakers.

blue sneakers with jeans and chambray shirt

varsity jacket with sneakers and leather trousers sneakers with nude top and skinny jeans

Your sneaker rotation will grow with time, but this is a pretty solid base to build on. Like fashion blogger Johanna Olsson, think of wearing your white sneakers with a pair of leather trousers and varsity jacket that look effortlessly cool. Or, get a sexy look by wearing your sneakers with a pair of skinny jeans and bodysuit, showing off your womanly curves strategically.

Have at least a decent pair of jeans.

black tee with blazer and white pants with sneakers frayed jeans with bomber jacket with brooch and sneakers chic sneakers with gray coat and casual outfit

If your streetwear wardrobe doesn’t start with a decent pair of jeans, then you’re off the course. Depending on your style, you may opt for skinny jeans that look sexier, boyfriend jeans that feel more relaxed, or boot cut jeans that look effortless. Think of faded and distressed details as an art, expressing your personality even more. Like fashion blogger Johanna Olsson, think of white jeans that can be dressed up with a chic blazer to give you some polished look while looking effortless. Or like fashion blogger Masha Sedgwick, make everything effortless and trendy by teaming your favorite jeans with a jacket filled with brooches.

Think of an army outerwear.

camo jacket with skinny jeans boyfriend jeans with leather top and army vest black outfit with military coat

There’s something about a good military jacket that just puts the cherry on any ensemble. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, think of adding some edgy vibe to your casual overalls and striped top with a structured military coat, making everything chic yet effortless. If you’re a fan of prints, opt for camouflage print jackets to add some flair to your basic tank top and jeans. Or like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, opt for a military jacket with leather trims to give you that edgy urban look effortlessly.

Be easy and effortless with joggers and sweatpants.

sweatpants with boxy sweater joggers with knitted sweater black joggers with winter jacket

For some days that you want to take your style easy, think of jogger pants and sweatpants. Once considered the very antithesis of style, the humble sweatpants are now practically a status symbol in certain fashion circles, extending that gym leisurewear staple on the streets. It’s one of the garments that captured the essence of the street. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, think of a chicer style of jogger pants that you can wear with your classic sweater and boots. When opting for a streetwear look, know the difference between passing hype and timeless style so you’ll get a functional wardrobe that will serve you in a lifetime.

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