How to Build a Faster Morning Beauty Routine

Mornings are always busy and your hair and makeup routine is one of the most time consuming things that you have to deal with. Wouldn’t it be nice, though, if you could just wake up and do less than 10 things before you head out the door for school or work and still look pretty and fab? Most of our hair and makeup routines for everyday looks last anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes but sometimes, there are days when you just don’t have that much time to do your hair or your makeup. So, what do you do on days when you’re pressed for time? Well, you can either skip hair and makeup or you can follow these tips on how to build a faster morning beauty routine instead.

  • Stick to a look that you know – if you wake up later than expected and you find yourself with very little time to do your makeup, stop trying to come up with new looks and stick to the ones that you know best or, as others would say, a look that you can do even with your eyes closed. This way, you don’t have to experiment your way through the day’s look.

wavy bridal hair bare face red lips

  • Prep your hair – plan on doing rocking some pin straight locks tomorrow? Or maybe you decided you’re going wavy or curly. Either way, you can make the styling a lot easier and faster if you could prep your hair by washing it at night and drying it so you just have to bust out your tools and do your hair in the morning. No more washing and hair drying that will eat up most of your time.

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  • Try heatless hairstyles – if you don’t like stepping out of the house with your hair just plain and undone, I bet you’ve done some damage to your hair over the years just by styling it with a heat-emitting tool. Why not give your hair a break and try some heatless hairstyles instead? These are often done overnight so all you have to do in the morning is release your hair into waves or curls and set it with some hairspray.

long shiny hair long wavy hair

  • Set out everything you need – you know what takes more of your time in the morning without you noticing it? It’s opening drawers, looking for and reaching for products or tools that you need to complete your look. Before you go to bed at night, set out all the tools and products that you need out in your vanity table so that all you’ll have to do in the morning is keep grabbing everything from your table.

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  • Choose multi-tasking products – another thing that subtly takes more time from your morning prep time without you noticing it is switching from one product to another so to save on time, try to use as many multi-tasking products as you can. From dual-ended brushes to BB creams that work as primer and sheer foundation to lip and cheek tints and highlighting concealers – these will all save you a bit more time for doing more stuff before you head out.

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