How to Build a Closet Full of Basics

When referring to essential closet basics, it doesn’t mean that the clothes themselves are basic and boring. However, your basics must suit every occasion you’re going to whether it’s a date night, job interview, night out with friends, or even meeting the parents. Out of all of these options, you should be able to pick pieces that best work for you, and wear them interchangeably. In order to build a closet full of basics that will allow you to mix-and-match looks, keep on reading for our guidelines.

Opt for a perfect fit that flatters your body type.

harem pants with fisherman sweater and wool coat

striped banded dress with sling bag sailor blazer with white top and black pants

A perfect fit means the garment should flatter your waistline, shoulders, and legs. If you’re trying on a top, can you move your arms freely and does it fit your chest correctly? If it’s a skirt, does the hemline land at a flattering spot and camouflage your flaws? If it’s a banded dress or romper, the fabrics must not pull unflatteringly from your crotch and the waist must be a bit higher on your waist. If you really love it but there’s need for some adjustment, consider going a size up and tailoring it down.

Pay attention to the length of your garments whether you’re tall or petite.

palazzo pants with crop top tee and shorts with blazer pencil midi skirt with crop top

If you’re short or tall, paying particular attention to length is important. Cuffing the hems of long trousers won’t always make your style seamlessly chic. So, if you’re short, make sure it’s an item that is worth the price of having it hemmed, and that the alterations won’t ruin the look. O the other hand, if you’re tall, the length must be dropped or added to. If you’re wearing a high-waist skirt, make sure the hem falls on your knees to elongate your frame, though you can add a lacy hem to a shorter skirt to add length.

Go for basic yet flattering cuts for your shape.

chic white maxi dress high waist denim skirt with white shirt striped shift dress with oxfords and leather jacket

If you’re pear-shaped or hourglass, fit-and-flare dresses can be great for you. If you’re tall and slim, an A-line cut dress or slim cut trousers might look best to accentuate your shape. If you’re looking to create curves, full skirts and pleated bottoms will add those curves for you. Shift dresses might work for you if you’ll wear them with toppers like a leather jacket or a sailor blazer to create vertical lines on your middle. Just look for clothes with flattering structure and weight so your body doesn’t have to do all the work.

When it comes to selecting basics value comfort over style.

checkered skirt with sweater striped pants with summer top striped sweater with trendy sneakers

Clothes should always feel comfortable, especially if it’s a basic piece that you’ll wear for a lifetime. While you may be drawn to a particular pair of trousers, if you’re not comfortable wearing them, you’re less likely to wear them. So, it’s much better to buy pieces that you know you’ll wear than fashionable items to keep just in case.

Basic pieces must not be limited to neutrals, yet you must wear it with your other pieces interchangeably.

burgundy pants with sexy top and coat cobalt blue sweater with chic shorts and espadrilles shirt dress with leather jacket and sneakers

Though basics are known to be in neutral colors that can be spiced up by trendy accessories, you can still have the opportunity to play with color, textures, and era-inspired looks as long as they’re interchangeable.  However, if you’re a fan of bright, bold colors, make sure they’re colors that match well. This way, you could build a closet full of basic pieces that will be stylish and functional for your style.

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