How to Bring Out the Best in an Hourglass figure

We all have different body types and I think we’ll all agree when I say that though all body types are beautiful, there’s one that most of us wish we had and that is the hourglass body type. It’s one of the sexiest body types that a woman could be blessed with and with the right style of clothes, it becomes even more alluring. Of course, if you know how to dress your own body type well, no matter what it is, it is guaranteed to look amazing but the hourglass figure is just so easy to dress, you can literally wear anything and pull it off. If you’re one of the lucky ladies to have an hourglass figure, check out these tips on how to bring out the best in an hourglass figure.

  • Accentuate your curves – one of the things that make an hourglass figure ever so sexy is their alluring curves. Most hourglass figures will have the right curves at the right places so all you really need to do is to emphasize and accentuate them by wearing the right clothes and accessories. To do this, make sure you always wear pieces that move and flow with your body and avoid those that conceal your curves.

casual hourglass outfit

narrow bow belt

  • Wear high waisted bottoms – if you’re blessed with shapely curves by your waist, make sure to give emphasis in them as well and make sure they’re one of the focal points of your look. One of the things you can wear to make sure your curves at the waist are fully accentuated is high waisted bottoms. Add on a nice belt to make your curves pop even more. When wearing high waisted bottoms, tuck your top in to maximize the exposure of your curves.

red pencil skirt with pockets floral red dress

  • Accessorize with a belt – another really great way to bring attention to your curves is to accessorize your outfits with a belt. Choose a thin and narrow belt instead of wide one. The latter tends to conceal your curves rather than emphasize them. When wearing something that’s rather loose or shapeless, make sure to never forget to add a belt to cinch the waist.

body con dress kim k hourglass

  • Get yourself a wrap dress – if you’re still figuring out what cuts and styles flatter your body type the most, start with a wrap dress. A wrap dress is universally flattering but it looks especially exceptional on hourglass figures because the tie-around enclosure emphasizes the curves at the waist in an amazing way. If you’re slender, you can get away with just about any color and print on a wrap dress. If you’re on the thicker side, on the other hand, try to stick to darker solid colors instead.

sexy white dress girly dress and belt

  • Add a pencil skirt to your work wardrobe – a pencil skirt is another one of those pieces that are universally flattering but looks especially good on hourglass figures, especially when they’re high waisted. They hug the hips in all the right places so your curves really stand out.

colorful pencil skirt sexy pencil skirt

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