How to Break in Walking Boots

It can often be challenging to pick out the best walking boots for you. However, ‘breaking in’ your boots so they mold to your feet might take some time. Since the process of breaking in your boots is the best way to ensure that they don’t cause discomfort when you’re out, keep on reading for our guidelines.

Buy your boots in advance of any big walks you have planned.

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Don’t leave it till the last minute to buy your boots. Never buy boots if you’re going to wear them on an urgent walk around the town as they can be too uncomfortable. Think of buying your boots in advance of any big walks you have planned so you can allow enough time to break them in. As a rule of thumb the heavier the boot, the longer it will take to break in and the lighter the boot, the quicker it will be to break in. For instance, a pair of leather boots will take longer to break in than suede or fabric boots because leather is naturally a lot stiffer. If time isn’t on your side, consider opting for lightweight fabric boots that will be a lot quicker to break in than leather boots.

Keep in mind that it will not make uncomfortable boots comfortable.

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Though breaking in a new pair of walking boots will be more comfortable in the long run, it will not make a poor fitting boot fit better. When shopping for walking boots, go for perfect fitting ones. If the boot itself feels uncomfortable when you try them on, then breaking them in is unlikely to make them more comfortable.

Flex the sole.

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Sometimes the cobbler can help to break in the boots artificially. If the soles are particularly stiff throughout the break-in process you should flex the sole with your hands to soften it and the foot bed. Generally, a stiff sole is the cause for a lot of problems for your feet when walking. However, don’t be too heavy handed to avoid damaging the sole.

Wear them around the house or take them for a test walk.

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Basically, you should wear your boots around the house and you should take them for a test walk around the block. If they feel like they pinch, rub in certain areas, or your toes feel squashed, consider wearing socks and shoe cushion to ease the pain. If they feel comfortable after this, go for a short walk around the town to see how they feel until you feel more confident for walking in them for hours. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to make your boots fashionable and comfortable for your everyday style.

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