How to be Your Own Fashion Editor

We are bombarded by so many fashion dos and don’ts and prescriptions for style that sometimes take us away from our personal style. If you wish to be your own fashion editor, keep on reading for our guidelines so you’ll learn about yourself and establish priorities for your lifestyle.

Be your own style editor when you shop.

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It is easy to “load up” on sale items and bargain fashions. However, when clothing is so inexpensive, it can also be considered disposable. Whether you are buying in a department store or online, search out for fashion pieces that fit you rather than becoming a slave to trends or bargains. Try not to be blinded by the flash of fashion. By being your own style editor when you shop, you’ll avoid accumulating fashion pieces in your closet that you’ll rarely wear.

Have an editorial control to your own closet.

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Have you ever wonder why you have a lot of outfits you never wear? Many times the items were on sale, hand-me-down clothes, motivational clothing, and sentimental ones. It’s okay to give up your clothing sometimes. Tossing out items that are not flattering, are outdated, or that no longer fit, will actually free up space for things that you truly love wearing. Once you begin to stock your closet with fewer clothes that actually “go with you,” you’ll be surprised at how many of the new items will go with each other. Be your own closet editor by giving yourself the permission to edit items from your own wardrobe.

Know what works for your body, personality, and lifestyle.

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Before going shopping or follow trends, know which cuts of clothing work best for your body type, styles that suit your personality, and clothes that fit your lifestyle. This may mean observing the colors that light you up and recognizing the prints that harmonize with you naturally. If you love neutrals, you might be a minimalist that loves monochromatic outfits like fashion blogger Sonja Petrkowsky, wearing her all-black outfit with boots. Just teach yourself to see yourself more clearly. Once you know which colors, styles, and patterns work for you, you can become your own fashion editor.

Hold to your own standards of personal style.

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When you become your own fashion editor, you are in control. You get to make the choices that help you feel most confident and ultimately reflect your true self. Remember, it is always important to hold to your own standards of personal style and excellence as that option to edit gives you that power. By heeding our guidelines, you’ll be able to be your own fashion editor that’s true to your personal style.

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