How to be a smart shopper And Save Money

Hi girls! Here is my personal guide on How to be a smart shopper And Save Money !

In the past 5 to 6 years, India’s retail scene has witnessed a revolutionary change. Okay,that sounded like a news report :-/
My point is- Indians have wayyy too many places and options for shopping now and boy, are they making good use of it, or what!


It wasn’t too long ago that most of us would head to the markets close to our homes and buy clothes from shops which stocked some nameless brands. Yes, we did head to UCB and Reebok, but the local shops, were just as good.
But, times have changed. We have malls, flea markets, online shopping and the local markets. And as amazing as that sounds, it can be heavy on the pocket.
So I thought of sharing some tips with you lovely people, on how to shop sensibly.

Don’t be a brand snob- Sticking only to brands can be expensive. Plus, it really limits your options. Try thrift shopping. You can find some amazing stuff at incredible prices. Just make sure you check the quality before you buy something. I specially recommend thrift shopping for accessories!

Is it worth the price?- Ask yourself this question. Personally, I don’t mind spending Rs.3000 for a pair of jeans. But I would not spend the same amount for a top. You’ll wear the jeans a lot more than you will wear the top. Once you’re bored of the jeans, you can get them cut and made into capris or shorts. But for the top, really, will you wear it everyday? Similarly, paying a high amount for comfy black or nude heels VS paying the same amount for sky high orange stilettos. Be smart and choose the first option, even if the orange stilettos make you drool 😛

Be a smart online shopper- With so many online shopping sites, you can compare the prices and find some good deals. Also, make use of coupons, point systems, promotional codes and sales.

I hope these tips are helpful for you guys. Are there any other tips for smart shopping, according to you? Do share with me!

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