How to Apply Mascara Perfectly Every Time

Many women have a love-hate relationship with mascara because it can either make your lashes look super fab or super drab. When done right, mascara can make your lashes look fuller, longer and thicker. However, you have to make sure that the one you have won’t flake, give you raccoon eyes or wear off before the day is done. Aside from using the right product, applying mascara perfectly also requires the use of the right techniques. Here are some tips, tricks and hacks on how to apply mascara perfectly every time.

  • TAKE OFF EXCESS FORMULA – if you have a new tube of mascara, make sure to take off the excess formula on the wand before your very first coat. This way, the excess formula won’t clump up on your lashes.

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  • WIGGLE, WIGGLE – to make your lashes hold their curls longer, wiggle your mascara wand at the base and then swipe your way up. This allows your wand to deposit just the right amount of product to keep it from weighing your lashes down.

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  • BRUSH YOUR LASHES – if your mascara ever clumps up, you can ‘de-clump’ it by brushing your lashes with a clean mascara wand, a spoolie or an old (but sanitized and cleaned) toothbrush. This will help separate your lashes and make them look neater.

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  • TILT BACK – to avoid mascara from getting on your lids, tilt your head back just a little when applying it.

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  • REVIVE DRIED UP MASCARA – got a really good (and expensive) mascara that dried up? No problem! Just put in a few drops of saline solution to re-wet the formula and thin it out a little to make it usable again.

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  • SOAK IT IN WATER – if you really want to get the most bang for your buck, try this trick: once you start to see that your wand gets less product from the tube, that means you’re running out of mascara. Close the tube, soak it in hot water for a few minutes and see how your wand gets more mascara. Warming up the tube loosens the mascara on the inside, allowing you to really use everything up.

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  • TOP AND BOTTOM COAT – make your lashes look fuller, blacker and thicker by coating both sides.

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  • LAYER YOUR MASCARA – they say you should limit your mascara to 3 coats tops and to some, that may not seem like much but if you use the right kinds of mascara, 3 coats is more than enough to give you luscious lashes. Start off the base with regular mascara, then layer it up with volumizing / lengthening mascara and finish it off with waterproof mascara.

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