How to Apply a Natural Makeup

Natural makeup always look fresh  and making your skin glow .There are lots of women who are not comfortable wearing heavy makeup. Rather, they want a more natural look which displays their natural beauty. Amazingly, putting natural makeup is more than just restricting how much makeup you put on. A natural look depends on how makeup is being applied and the products used. With the skills and the right products, having a natural makeup look can be done easily.

Carefully apply the foundation. It does not matter if you are wearing a light or heavy makeup, having even-toned and smooth skin will make your makeup look great. If in case you have a clear complexion, choose for a tinted moisturizer instead of the ordinary foundation. But, if you need some help, you can use some mineral makeup. This will not only make you look natural as compared to other products, but if needed, it can provide you enough coverage. To cover up any imperfections you can use a concealer and then put on your mineral makeup using a kabuki brush or a powder brush.

Applying a natural looking eye shadow will help create a natural makeup. The choices for the eye shadow may vary depending on the color of your skin. You might need 3 eye shadows. The first one will match your skin tone. The second one will be a little bit darker. And the last one should be a little bit lighter than the shade which matches your skin.

cute natural makeup

natural eye makeup tutorial

natural eye makeup tutorial

natural makeup for blue eyes

natural makeup look

Use luminizing primer to make your skin glow

glowing skin

 fashion models prefer to wear natural makeup

natural makeup