How to Add Sparkle to Your Fall Look

When I think about fall fashion, I always think of deep, dark and warm hues and while darker colors always have that tendency to make you look and feel more vampy and sexy, it’s undeniable that it can get a little boring sometimes, especially if you’re the kind who’s into things fun and girly. I find that having something shiny and sparkly in your outfit always gives it a more fun vibe even when all you have on are dark colors. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your look for the coming season, check out these ways on how to add sparkle to your fall look.

  • Glitter – of course, we’re starting off with the most popular way to add sparkle to any look, be it in makeup or in fashion, and that is glitter. When it comes to makeup, wearing glitter can be a little tricky (and messy, if you’re not careful). You’ll want to wear just enough to add a subtle hint of shimmer to your look and not so much that it’s all over the place. As for wearing glitter for fashion, it’s quite easy. You can use glitter for your fall fashion DIY projects or you can simply buy glittery fall wardrobe pieces, they’re quite easy to find.

glitter chunks on sweater

glitter elbow patch glitter skirt outfit

  • Rhinestone embellishments – for a truly refined and subtle addition of sparkle to your look, you can got with rhinestone embellished pieces. Anything, even just a plain sweater or a pair of jeans, embellished in rhinestones get an instant elegant touch so it’s perfect on days when you want to look and feel a little more fancy and polished. Rhinestones make great embellishments for accessories, too, and if you want a bit more sparkle and shine in your look, you can encrust your accessories with rhinestones to glam them up. Don’t like embellished clothes? Then just put on a sparkly rhinestone necklace and you’re good to go.

rhinestone peter pan collar rhinestone necklace rhinestone jeans diy rhinestone embellished sweater

  • Sequins – for a more noticeable sparkle in your fall look, try wearing sequins. Now, I’m not sure if there’s any way to have sequins incorporated in your fall makeup looks but I do know that wearing sequins on clothes is the best way to go. If you’re looking for something fun and bold, try wearing sequins during the day. Of course, try to keep the sequins to a minimum. You wouldn’t want to be blinding everyone else you pass by with a head to toe sequined outfit.

sequin stripes skirt sequin silver shorts sequined shirt for layering

  • Metallic colors – hints and touches of metallic are going to be one of fall’s biggest trends and wearing metallic colors is also another great way to add some sparkle to your look. Try on a pair of metallic sneakers for a subtle hint of sparkle in your daytime look or go all out in a metallic jacket to stylize your party outfit for the night. You can also get some sparkle on your makeup by opting for metallic colors.

metallic shiny jacket metallic pleated skirt metallic brown shoes metallic silver skirt

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