How to Add Some Bohemian Flair to Your Fall Looks with Jana Wind

Carefree, wild, and free-spirited, bohemian style is one of the most expressive looks you may go for to channel your creativity this fall season. Mind behind the Bekleidet blog, Jana Wind is a style blogger from Münster, Germany known for her bohemian inspired looks that might inspire your fall style. If you find bohemian style feels too much for you, keep on reading for Jana’s tricks on how to add just a dash of bohemian flair to your fall style.

Incorporate some bohemian accessories to your fall outfits.


leather-skirt-with-gray-tee-and-floor-length-cardigan statement-necklace-with-classic-outfit

If you don’t have any bohemian pieces to make your fall style a bit carefree, bring it on with bohemian-inspired accessories. Instead of a pair of boots, you may opt for lace-up gladiators to spice up your black outfit like Jana did, especially in the early fall. Or, think of layered necklaces, tribal necklaces, gypsy headband, fringed bags, saddle bags, suede shoes, bohemian jewelry and such that will add some bohemian flair to your fall looks effortlessly.

Experiment on your fall palette.

floor-length-cardigan-with-all-black-outfit pastel-yellow-jacket-with-trousers trench-coat-with-fall-outfit

Fall season may be known for earthy hues of mustard, rust, red orange and such, but you can still go for feminine shades and jewel tones that will make you stylish and chic. Like Jana, you may opt for a pastel yellow matching set instead of a mustard one that still carries the earthy hue. Or, go classy with neutral shades of camel, white, black, navy, gray, khaki and such.

Team your classic ensembles with some bohemian pieces.

pink-culottes-with-gray-tee a-line-suede-skirt-with-sweater tweed-blazer-with-skirt-and-boots

If your wardrobe consists of classic pieces, you can easily update them with bohemian items. Like Jana, you may resort to a suede skirt that’s known to be a bohemian staple to refresh your classic sweater. Or, update your gray tee with a pair of pink culottes that look feminine yet bohemian inspired. Suede jackets, fringed blazers, tweed jackets and such can also add some bohemian flair to your style effortlessly.

Layer your fall clothes in a bohemian way.

leather-jacket-with-boho-top-and-trousers skinny-jeans-with-blazer slit-skirt-with-blazer

If you usually wear your fall clothes in a sleek and streamlined way, you might be doing the classic style. To get that bohemian look, layer your fall clothes in a bohemian way which features billowy fabrics, tailed dresses, overlapping pieces and such. Like Jana, you may simply top your tank top and skinny jeans with a lightweight vest, then top it again with a structured blazer to keep your layers sleek. Or, simply wear a cropped leather jacket with your free-flowing top and leather trousers to add some bohemian flair to your style while keeping it urban inspired. By heeding these simple tricks, you’ll be able to add some bohemian flair to your fall looks effortlessly.

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