How to Add Modern Twists to a Classic Style with Kayla Seah

A classic style may be timeless but can easily look dull and boring. Once based in Berlin, Germany, Kayla Seah is now a Toronto-based blogger known for her minimalist approach to design and style. On her blog, “Not Your Standard”, she eloquently combines a classic piece with a modern twist illustrated through her street style. Keep on reading to scoop some tricks from her.

Play with structure and silhouette on your classic pieces.

brown leather skirt with sweater

white coat with skinny jeans structured coat with black dress and jeans flared jeans with classic sweater and structured bag button down shirt with white pants

Architectural silhouettes and boxy structures are modern touches you may wish to add on your classic pieces. Like Kayla, think of a structured coat, boxy pants, or an architectural top that you can wear with your classic pieces. You don’t have to buy fresh pieces and trendy items as you can give some creative tweaks to your basic ensembles by folding them, tucking them, or layering them. Like her, you may fold your sweater’s hemline asymmetrically with your high-waist skirt to create a modern look. Or, simply top your chiffon blouse with a boxy coat that will give a fresh look.

Give some texture contrast to your classic outfit.

fringe skirt with structured coat leather jacket with modern classic outfit chiffon skirt with knitted sweater and canvas sneakers

Wearing denim-on-denim or suede-on-suede known to be outdated. So add some modern twist to your classic style by contrasting textures to your outfit. Like Kayla, think of teaming your boxy blazer with a fringed suede skirt rather than the typical straight leg pants. Also, welcome fresh silhouettes on you classic style like a pair of culottes, as well as trendy pieces like a pair of canvas sneakers, that will give you classic style a modern look.

Opt for coordinating colors on your outfit and accessories.

brown belt with cut out dress and birkenstock sandals sky blue skirt with clutch and sweater mustard top with mules and white pants

Classic style is known for neutral shades and monochromatic look, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo pastel hues and classic shades. Like Kayla, go for coordinating colors on you clutch and skirt or top and shoes that will pull your overall look without looking flashy. Neon shades are not classy, so stick to the subdued hues of mustard, burgundy, olive green, as well as pastel shades of blue, pink, yellow and such that will complement your classic style with a modern twist.

Incorporate some trendy accessories with your classic outfit.

casual chic outfit with gray bag and peep toe boots printed scarf and leopard pumps with tuxedo jumpsuirt music festival outfit with fringe bag colorful fringe bag with off shoulder dress

If you’re not willing to invest on trendy pieces that will easily go out of trend, then simply opt for trendy accessories that you can use as finishing touches on your outfit. A printed scarf and a pair of leopard print pumps can instantly refresh an all-black outfit, as well as a pair of a colorful fringed bag and snake print sandals. Like Kayla, wear accessories in moderation so you wouldn’t look over-the-top.

Layer like a pro.

slit skirt with white shirt dress and lace up sandals robe vest with casual outfit pink fur coat with culottes and suit

Since layering unusual pieces together is considered modern, make use of the trick so you can wear your most favorite pieces all at once. Like Kayla, refresh your white button down dress by topping it with a slit skirt and teaming a pair of lace up sandals, perfect for a casual chic street style. Or, add some modern twist to your typical sweater and jeans outfit combination by topping it with a robe vest, rather than a classic trench coat. This way, you’ll make your classic style a bit unexpected and fashion-forward while staying true to your personal style.

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