How to Add Attitude to Your Professional Wardrobe

They say making a good impression on people at the workplace is the best way to go but you can’t really do that if you’re dressed just like everyone else, can you? Bringing out your personal style can be a little bit tricky when it comes to office attire just because there are certain dress codes to follow plus the workplace is a rather formal environment so you really can’t go street style chic in there. If you’re looking for ways to spice up your work wardrobe so you can stand out from the crowd, check out these tips on how to add attitude to your professional wardrobe.

  • Go for a printed suit – you can never go wrong with wearing a suit to work but if you want to stand out, try opting for a printed suit instead. Of course, you’ll want to choose a simple print that’s not too loud or too bold. Something like a simple checkered suit, maybe a striped one or a light and floral printed suit is something that’s sure to make you look good at work.

black and white suit

checkered suit girly floral suit

  • Wear colored button ups – crisp white button up shirts are pretty popular at the work place and there wouldn’t be a day that would go by without seeing someone wearing a white button up so switch it up and wear a colored one instead. If you’re brave and you think you can pull it off, why not try going with a printed button up shirt as well? You’re sure to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

lime green button up mint green button up light teal button up

  • Try wearing monochromatic – wearing a single color from head to toe takes a lot of commitment, especially if you’re wearing it the whole day so I’m pretty sure there’s not a lot of people in the workplace wearing something monochromatic (other than black, that is). Grab this chance and decide on a color you’ll wear from head to toe all day long. Monochromatic outfits are not just head-turners, they help make you look slimmer and taller as well.

mint monochromatic outfit yellow work monochromatic outfit gray work outfit

  • Incorporate texture – different textures together in one outfit can really make a huge difference. Trying pairing a silk blouse with a tweed blazer or a cotton top with denim on casual Fridays. It’s not going to make you look drastically different but the variation in textures will certainly spark interest from others in your look.

textured work outfit texture combo for worktexture combo for work textured outfit combo

  • Add a pop of color – even if you have to stick to neutral colors and basic looks, you can still make your outfit stand out by adding a pop of color to your look. Thrown on a bright scarf, finish off your outfit with a pair of colorful shoes, accessorize in color – these are just some of the ways you can make this happen.

pop of orange belt and shoes semi casual outfit with poc black and white with blue

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