How to Add a Touch of Rock Star to Your Outfits

If there’s one genre of music that seems to heavily influence clothing styles within mainstream culture it has to be rock. A great thing, rocker style is no longer reserved for the on-stage set. The key to looking rock star chic is to not look like you’re trying too hard. Whether you embraced the trends the first time around or it’s all-new territory, keep on reading for our guidelines on how to add a touch of rock star to your outfits.

You could never go wrong with a graphic tee.

graphic tee with chic blazer and silver choker

leather joggers with graphic tee and tuxedo blazer graphic tee with navy blazer and frayed shorts

With a graphic tee, you can match your look to diverse rock genres like Indie Rock, Glam, Punk, Hip Hop, Metal, Electronic, and such. You may even decide whether you want a look that is feminine or more gender-neutral. Like fashion blogger Masha Sedgwick, opt for a graphic tee that will make everything edgy, but add some polish with a sleek blazer and a silver choker. Unless you are emulating a glam rock star style, you are most likely to look like an authentic rock star by shopping at thrift stores, which will give you a one-of-a-kind look.

Dip your feet into rock-star style with a leather jacket.

graphic print leggings with biker jacket and teestudded biker jacket with casual outfit and grunge boots leather biker jacket with neoprene dress and high socks with sneakers

A leather jacket can add edge and personality to the rest of your clothes. Just invest in stylish and durable outerwear that best suits the type of rock star style that you are emulating. This basic biker jacket screams classic while being tailored to a woman’s build. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, you may even opt for a studded leather jacket that will add some edge to your denim shorts.

Resort to a pair of grunge boots.

grunge coat with polka dots dress leather shirt with jeans and grunge boots grunge sweater with patent leather skirt and boots

Enjoy the rock star, uptown funk style in combat boots, grunge boots, leather sneakers and such. Like fashion blogger Johanna Olsson, make your basic denim jeans and leather top look edgy with a pair of grunge boots instead of the usual classic pumps. To add some sexy vibe to your rock star outfits, opt for a pair of stiletto boots with pointy toes like fashion blogger Masha Sedgwick wore.

Complete your looks with edgy accessories.

graphic dress with grunge hatchic outfit with silver choker and grunge jewelry

The right details will complete your style, and they will also create more possibilities for adding variety to your developing wardrobe. But it takes more than just leather and studs to dress like a rocker. Accessories can add edge or individuality to your look. Also, it’s would be nice if you’ll balance out your look with feminine elements. Like fashion blogger Masha Sedgwick, you may even wear a dressy romper in chiffon fabric just to balance your edgy accessories like choker, rock earrings, and bracelets. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to get that rock star look effortlessly.

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