How to Add a Subtle Sporty Hint to Your Style

If you’re a girly girl, your usual outfit is probably something that looks sweet and feminine and while there’s totally nothing wrong with that, it tends to look boring sometimes. This is especially if you’ve sported the same style for quite a while now. Adding a subtle hint of something else may just be what you need if you think your style is getting too old and this fall sporty is the way to go so if you’re looking for a style to incorporate into yours, go sporty! Here are some tips on how to add a subtle sporty hint to your style.

  • Top off an outfit with a varsity jacket – this is a really simple step in making your outfit look a little less girly and a bit more sporty as well. Varsity jackets never fail in giving any look that subtle sporty hint. You can wear it with any outfit, no matter how girly and you’re sure to still get a bit of that nice sporty vibe in there.

blue and yellow varsity jacket

girly sporty outfit plain and simple sporty chic look

  • Wear anything printed with the ‘College Font’ – you know how those names and numbers on sports jerseys almost always look the same yet we don’t know what they’re called exactly? Well, apparently they’re not all just one kind of font but anything that looks the same is vaguely called ‘college font’ and anything printed with them also instantly get that hint of sporty style, be it a sweater, a hoodie, a plain shirt, a cap or sweatpants.

back to school sporty chic outfitcollege sweater and shorts college font initial on sweater college font shirt

  • Sport the jogger pants trend – jogger pants are going to be so hot for fall, you better make sure your closet is equipped with a pair or two! Jogger pants are usually worn at home or to the gym but they’re quickly becoming a chic style staple for everyday looks now. Check out these tips on how to wear jogger pants and get inspired.

gray jogger pants jogger pants outfit printed jogger pants sexy jogger pants outfit

  • Don your guy’s jersey – jerseys make really comfy street style clothes. They’re lightweight and they have lots of room to move around in, too. Take that jersey from your boyfriend’s closet and wear it. If it’s way too big and baggy, wear it as a mini dress. You can also wear it on top of any outfit if the weather is too cold for a jersey alone.

basketball jersey outfit jersey dress 84 jersey shirt as mini dress

  • Carry a backpack – every once in a while, leave your fancy purse at home and carry a backpack instead. This will give your look a nice and subtle hint of the sporty style without it totally overtaking your girly side. Canvass backpacks, the ones you used to wear back in the day, never fails to add that nostalgia of going to school but if you’re looking for a more grown up option, leather backpacks are great, too.

cute printed backpack black and tan backpack leather backpack outfit

  • Let your feet chill in sneakers – it’s important to give your feet a break from heels regularly and on days when you decide to push your heels to the side, reach for your sneakers to add that nice sporty touch to your look. Low key sneakers like Keds, Vans or Converse ones go well with almost everything so they’re great if you want something versatile.

girly blue sneakers hot pink sneakers animal print sneakers dress and sneakers outfit


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