How to Add a Pop of Color to Your Winter Wardrobe

When it comes to choosing colors to wear for the winter season, we tend to gravitate more towards darker, warmer and richer colors and sometimes, these color choices result in a rather gloomy look that may affect our moods. For a brighter, livelier, and cheerier look, pops of color throughout your outfit are a must. Sneaking in a bright and playful color or two to your look is easy if you know what works. Here are some tips and ideas on how to get it done.

  1. TRY YOUR HAND ON COLOR BLOCKING – this styling technique has long been used by stylists and fashionistas all over the world to create a colorful but cohesive outfit and it’s not very difficult to do or pull off so this should be an easy quick fix on days when you want your winter look to be a bit more vibrant.color blocking for winter
    color blocking outfit for winter
  2. SHOW COLOR THROUGH YOUR OUTERWEAR – the great thing about winter is that you get to wear any outerwear that you like, including the really thick, lush, heavy and warm ones. To add color to your usual dark winter look, choose a colorful outerwear or one that comes in a vibrant hue.coat in bright pink coat jacket in orange
  3. UTILIZE PRIMARY COLORS – pastels and neons definitely make a great statement to go along with your winter look but if you feel like you can’t pull it off or if you simply think these colors are too spring and summery for you, you can always go for primary colors instead. Plain, simple, easy to pull off yet they pack a powerful punch and add a thousand and one style points to your outfit.primary color yellow with winter snowy day outfit primary color blue with black winter outfit
  4. DRAPE ON SOME COLORED FUR – if you never really cared for genuine fur anyway and you’d rather have faux fur, go ahead and get yourself a colored faux fur piece to use as your pop of color that you can add to your everyday winter outfits. Not only will this add cheer and brightness to your look but it will also elevate your style and make your outfit look super shic and posh.colored fur collar in maroon colored fur coat tricolor style
  5. WEAR BRIGHT COLORED GLOVES – want a subtle pop of color that won’t take center stage? Make the smallest details count. Wearing brightly colored gloves can really make a statement that’s subtle enough to let other pieces shine yet noticeable enough to make a difference and elevate your look.

bright red gloves with bow details bright leather pink gloves

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