How To Achieve The Perfect Eyebrows with Benefit brows a go go

How To Achieve The Perfect Eyebrows with Benefit brows a go go  ! Check my tutorial !

Do you have sparse over plucked brows? Well fear not as I am going to show you a product that will change your eyebrows forever. I have tried many different products on my brows from pencils to gels to powder, you name it I have tried it. But Benefit Brow a-go-go is by far the best product I have used on my brows.How-To-Achieve-The-Perfect-Eyebrows

Benefit are known for their amazing packaging for their products and this is no exception 🙂 I have only ever tried a few products from Benefit, but watching beauty guru after beauty guru on youtube rave about their eyebrow products; I had to give it a go. benefit brows a go gobenefit brows a go go tutorial


This Brow Kit doesn’t just come with a powder, It has two different shades of brow powder,eyeliner,pluckers, a brush to apply the product, brow highlighter, brow wax and an eye bright cream. Everything you will ever need for your brows is in this kit.benefit brows a go go shaping kit


Here is a close up picture of the pluckers, eyeliner and brush for your brows. If I am honest with you I did not care for the eyeliner as it wasn’t the best and I found it hard to use on my waterline. The brush for your brows on the other hand is amazing, Its a nice small brush so you can use it with a steady hand and It applies the products beautifully to the brows.benefit brows a go go swatches

This is a swatch of the Light shade(left) and the dark shade(right) of the brow powder. I like to mix the two of these to achieve the color i desire but I use the lighter shade at the start of my brows to give it more of a defined look. benefit brows a go go shaping kit swatch


Here is a swatch of the brow highlighter powder (left) and the eye brighter cream (right). Both in which are very pigmented. The eye brighter cream is used on the inner corner on the eyes to give an awake bright eye effect. the brow highlighter can also be used as an eyeshadow.
With the Brow kit you get a brow lesson which takes you through each of the steps on achieving the perfect brow. I have uploaded the 4 steps for you to take a look at. It is very helpful.
 benefit brows a go go guidebenefit brows a go go kit tutorialbenefit shaping brows kit tutorialachieving-the-perfect-brow- with benefit brows a go go
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