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How I Store My Make Up

Hey everyone! Thanks for being so patient over the past few weeks.

Hopefully now I should be able to post on a regular schedule again! I just finished moving into my dorm, and I figured I would show you all what my makeup set up is like (while it’s still organized!)

Storing anything at college can be difficult. Fortunately, there was a built in organizer in my dorm this year, so I just used that. If you don’t have that option, I really recommend you check out my old makeup storage post.

 I used to use the three-drawer bins you can find at any target or walmart. They were great – they can really help organize a collection of any size!

So without further ado . . .

make up storage

I have two drawers dedicated to makeup out of one of my dressers at school. This one is a built-in, and it had  several shallow drawers. This first thing I thought of when I saw them was to stash all my makeup in them!

The first drawer is where I keep all of my face/foundation products as well as my eye shadow palettes. In the other drawer, which you’ll see in a minute, I keep everything else.  

You’ll see in this picture and the next one that I used old Birchboxes to separate and organize my collection by category.

make up drawer

And here’s the other drawer. In here you’ll find blushes, bronzers, single eye shadows, mascaras/liners, lip products, and a samples drawer. On top of the dresser you can see that I keep my brushes in the little cases that I showed a few posts ago!
So that’s pretty much everything. I really lucked out this year on finding cute makeup storage already in my dorm room waiting for me. But if you weren’t as fortunate, just work with what you’ve got.
If you have old birchboxes, use them! Old office supplies? Perfect! Makeup storage doesn’t have to be super expensive – it just has to be functional!