How I store my Lush Products

You may or may not have noticed that I seem to have a little bit of an obsession with Lush! All those products need to be stored somehow and I thought I’d do a little post on how I keep my collection organised. The photo is a of shoddy quality due to the fact that there’s hardly any light available in my shelving area. I apologise.
I keep most of my Lush products in my vanity’s built in shelving unit. I have a whole shelf dedicated to Lush and heaven forbid anything else is placed on it! This isn’t the most unique or creative way to store Lush products, I admit. What it is however, is practical. lush products storage
I keep all my products in the order they were bought, that way I can use all the ones up that have been in my possession for the longest before they go off. Anything that isn’t in a pot, I.E the Fun bars are kept in resealable containers. I’m going to be doing a post dedicated to how I cut my Fun bars up, so watch out for that. I don’t currently have any bath ballistics or bubble bars, but they’d also be in said containers.
The only things I don’t store this way are Ocean Salt, which I keep in the bathroom along with Ponche as this is the shower gel I’m using daily and finally, my face masks are kept in the fridge!
I’m quite an organised person so until I can find a more creative way of storing them in an organised manner, this is how it’s going to roll!
How do you store your Lush stash?

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