How I Store My Jewellery

I thought it might be interesting to show both my jewellery collection, and how I store it all! I am a bit of a magpie and love jewellery. As soon as I see it in a shop or market or something, I’m there and 95% of the time I come away with something. Because of this little addiction, I’ve had to find savvy ways of storing my pieces. 

jewellery storing

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This isn’t the most attractive way to store jewellery, but it’s organised! This is a craft box from Argos but I’m sure you can get them from the likes of Hobby Craft or maybe shops like Poundland too. This plastic tub has four removable trays with 15 slots on each tray. Because I’ve took my rings out, each piece of jewellery (bar stud earrings) has it’s own square rather than doubling up, and I now have a whole tray ready to be filled up… that won’t take long! I tried to organise my collection a little so that one tray has my brooches and a couple of miscellaneous items, another tray holds silver jewellery, coloured jewellery and a few pairs of earrings, and another tray is gold jewellery and earrings (although now I’m thinking I should just put all the earrings together…). I did have a lot more jewellery but I had a bit of a clearout the other day.

jewellery storing.JPG14

Finally, with my necklaces I stick pins into a pinboard and hang them off there! This way my beautiful long necklaces and collar are on show, and they’re not gettin 68fe g tangled up! At home I don’t have a pin board, but I have a jewellery holderwhich is screwed onto my wall and on this I put my long necklaces and a few favourite pieces. A quick search in eBay brings up a variety of similar products!

So there you go! A sneak peek at my hoard, and a few ways on how to store jewellery!

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